Friday Frock O’clock

It’s been a full-on-fasion week here at Florence Finds and I’m grateful for those of you who may not be enthralled by fashion 24/7 for sticking with me. I actually had more to share with you than I could fit in so I’ll be scattering the odd catwalk review in amongst my usual posts in the coming weeks and I’ve yet to share my fashion week diary…

However, let’s get back down to earth shall we? This week, amongst the madness mentioned above, a catalogue for Mint Velvet dropped on my lap. I’m a bit of a sucker for comfortable, flattering, wearable basics and flicking through the selection, I found the type of dresses I could wear time and time again.

This however is the one that caught my eye…

Silk Front Jade Dress, Mint Velvet – £79

There’s something romantic about the intertwined necks of the swans even if it is because they are digitally imposed upon each other! 😉

For me, this is a perfect dress for a casual dinner with friends. Worn with flat boots and a scarf or sparkly necklace, it’s looks pretty whilst affording plenty of room for dessert.

Happy weekend readers 🙂


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11 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. I really like these shift shapes, hoping they’ll stick around. Have loved your FW coverage Rebecca, lack of comments purely down to lack of time! Hunting for something tartan now, inspired…


  2. That is a really pretty dress, I cant wait for your fashion week diary, I have loved it and this weekend will be spent on catching up on all the fashion….
    lazy weekend on the cards!

  3. I can totally see you wearing this in a future post!!
    Fashion week coverage has been great, you have totally managed to make it appealing for everyone (and fashion week really isn’t for everyone!!)

  4. Love this dress – the shape, the print and the potential styling/wearability. Sadly, the minute I wear something without a waist everyone goes in for the “oooooooh, pregnant?” tummy rub. So perhaps I should buy it and save it for the day that actually happens (i.e. the 30th February 2013).

  5. Gorgeous! There is actually a mint velvet standalone shop near where i live so i need to go in and hunt this down. Also think mint velvet do great knitwear! x

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