Friday Frock O’clock

Todays dress is an event dress for sure, but it’s also the kind of dress that people lust after and wish they could simply lounge around the house in because it is so darn glamorous. I imagine Annabel would wear it to one of her events, or perhaps the Any Other Woman team, after all it is in team colours. Myself, if there had been a second Love My Dress Soiree, as there was this time last year, I would be wearing this…

Peach embellished maxi dress- £150

The online store image doesn’t do her justice but oh my, look at the gorgeous press image. Just bohemian enough for summer and perfect for a wedding or fabulous party. Anybody thirty soon? Please buy it and rock it with a beaded clutch and some killer keels… or flats for that matter and an Ibiza/summer fields floral circlet headband.

You’re welcome readers.


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23 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. [Sigh] how this dress could cheer me up, Ive had the week from hell. really could do with a weekend break to the country, would this dress rock the countryside??

    • I immediatley thought of A – can just see her in this. Perhaps I will hunt it down tomorrow and make her try it on! x

  2. *drools over keyboard*

    Sorry, what was that Clare and Anna? We all have to wear this for Any Other Party? An Any Other Uniform if you will? Oh well, if needs must…

  3. I absolutely LOVE this dress. Only commented now as just recovered from the shock that it’s a Dotty P’s dress!! Looks so classy and gorgeous!


  4. What bra though??? Love it and wish my thirtieth was a bit sooner just so I could justify buying it for it. Two years may be a tad early xx

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