Friday Frock O’Clock

This week’s frock was going on these very pages the second I clapped eyes on it. Each week, sometimes I have to actively hunt for a suitable Friday Frock that I love. It can feel just like those days you go shopping and there’s just nothing you can find that you like or looks good on you. Othertimes, I’ll be doing something different, stumble across a blinder of a frock and that’s the post done and dusted without a second thought. This was one of those dresses. Warehouse have really got their prints nailed this season and this is the kind of dress that I would buy to wear for days out, events or just getting dolled up at the weekend, then next year, I would transfer over into my work wardrobe to be paired with flats and a cardigan.

Multi fluro animal print dress, Warehouse, £70

It’s animal print but subtly done I think, the colours are great to take you through to autumn now. The cream backdrop but predominantly neutral and orange shades in the pattern mean you won’t feel ridiculous if you wear it somewhere this season, even if the day’s weather is less summer, more monsoon!

Well done Warehouse.

Happy weekend readers!


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7 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’Clock

  1. I Have been terrified of animal prints for ever, but this dress may sway me…warehouse have got some stunning stuff at the moment!

  2. OH!!!! I put this in my online basket the other day… but i had to back off and step away and be sensible. but now that FF says it’s ok… I might go back! 🙂

  3. Rather like Gemma in the past I’ve always shied away from animal prints, but just recently they’ve started calling to me… this colourway is lovely!

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