Friday Frock O’clock

This week I was determined to include a sales purchase, but I got distracted with the Zara look book and considered a tribal jumpsuit and a sports chic number, (both still big trends if you’re interested…) before this printed back detail dress caught my eye.

You know I love colour, and I’m increasingly drawn to toning shades in painterly patterns, plus this reminded me of the back detail you all so admired on my white Zara dress.

Zara Printed Dress, a bargain £39.99

It’s utterly sophisticated, bright and summery, perfect for an event or you could even wear it in the day with a jacket or cardigan.

Happy weekend folks,


PS, Wondering about a bra? Try this one.

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16 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. Just clicked to find FF Friday Frock Oclock as Im desprately looking for a dress for my Grandad’s 80th Birthday party at the end of this month. After trawling through various websites, the pittyful thought was in my tummy thinking I had to visit the (real) shops tomorrow and taa daa there it was! Purchased the Zara dress!
    Thanks so much Rebecca, dont know what I’d do with FF xx
    Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. Ha ha Marlene I am the same, and it’s now scaring me that I was reading that thinking ‘mmm hmmm mmm hmmm, great dress, but what on earth bra would you wear with it?’ and then scroll to the bottom and Rebecca has thought of that too. amazing.

  3. Absolutely LOVE this dress Rebecca! Gorgeous.

    I have a fashion question – what are your thoughts on buying a dress now for a wedding next year? Am loving a pink lace one from Whistles (as worn by A Chi Chi Affair’s Rachie on her hen) but not sure if it would still be okay for next year! My fear is having a dress that someone else wears (and yes it’s happened to me before!!)


    • I htink a great dress is timeless and if you love it then you should get it. That said, it’s a long time to wait and you may see something you like more next year int he run up and wish you hadn’t. I’d say as there’s no rush, wait for the sales then you wont feel so bad if you actually spot something nearer the time.

      I’ve tried that dress too, the sleeves weren’t great on me but I do love it 🙂

      Also, on the front of wearing the same as someone else, I always think it’s way more unlikely in a previous years dress, either that or one bought literally days before as new stock!

      • I very nearly bought that dress for a wedding too – I think it’s ideal for that kind of ‘do. And you know what Katie, life’s too short to worry about other people ending up in the same frock as you!

  4. Lovely dress!

    I have total Zara-shopping-envy, which I’ll probably explain badly but in the sense that whenever I wander in, look round and never see anything I like enough to try on when I venture in… however I always love the dresses etc. I see when you post them on here Rebecca or on other people…. I clearly just don’t have their ‘vision’, maybe Zara-blindness?! Please tell me other people get this too?!

  5. Love! Am tempted to buy now even though baby has not arrived yet in the hope that come mid July/August I’ll be able to wear…. Hopefully! Hope he/she comes next week when they are supposed to! X

  6. I literally almost bought this but it’s impossible to buy a multiway bra in size 30GG that is supportive enough.

    The other stuff in Zara was low backed too.


    • Have you had a look at the ultimo backless bodies? They sell them in debenhams – I bought one for a friends wedding and it was really good, and I am a similarly awkward bust size! It was perfect on it’s own but I used a bit of body tape as well 🙂 x

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