Friday Frock O’clock

Good afternoon ladies!

What a week, I feel like I need a lie down!

First though, your final bit of delicious style for the week and my chosen Friday Frock. This week, it’s from Whistles, firstly because I LOVE the Whistles wisteria print and am THRILLED that they have reworked it into a dress that is different to the signature Whistles style. I was ready for something fresh and different and this is it.

Secondly, I’m looking for a few frocks myself at the moment. I have not one, but two Florence Finds Afternoon Teas coming up, it’s my thirtieth in just over 6 weeks and I have a wedding to attend shortly after, so I’m pretty pleased to have found a solution to at least one, if not more of those!

And thirdly, the most important bit for all of you reading. It’s the biannual 25% off at Whistles discount in association with Grazia. Go out, pick yourself up a copy and get choosing your favourite pieces with a fabulous discount. Or shop online with by using the code WH20SS12. I wait for this one every season, so will be doing some serious damage this weekend!

I hope you have an equally fun time!


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12 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. Flippin’ LOVE Whistles. I’ve been stalking a lovely blue petal print dress to buy with the voucher this week to wear to an April wedding, but it’s proving hard to find…
    That ‘Wisteria’ print is lovely! Not sure the shift style would suit me though.
    I also want the bright blue version of the purse in the second image – BUT I must stop at just the dress, otherwise I won’t be eating for the rest of the month. x

  2. I absolutely love whistles and this dress is gorgeous!
    Thanks for the tip about the voucher, I had no idea…this is dangerous though as I was intending on staying away from the shops this weekend! x

  3. I was only looking at this last night, thinking of buying it to wear for a girlie city break I have coming up! Seriously need to try it on this weekend.


  4. PS… Rebecca, I’ve just seen on Whistles facebook site that you could win the very dress you have showcased above!! I know it’s a long shot… but you’ve got to be in it to win it 😉

    Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

  5. Already used said voucher and bought this online. It is gorgeous and skims so perfectly over my 6 month sized baby bump. Perfect for spring dos and birthdays coming up xx

  6. This might have been the hardest dress ever to come by. After phoning shops across the country I now have one for my friends wedding. The lengths a girl will go to for the right dress!

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