Friday Frock O’clock

I know I am probably the least practical person ever to be doing posts like this… we’re in the middle of February and I can’t for the life of me see anything warm I want to wear. However, I’m pretty sure all of you will be able to identify with today’s conundrum, as this weekend I have an event to attend – a Christening, and I am going to be a Godmother!

I know there will be lots of you with winter weddings to attend too, so this week’s Friday Frock is day-appropriate occasion wear from Oasis.

Oasis Colour block pleated midi dress, £65

This particular number comes in a really lovely coral too, but as I don’t usually go for blue, and in honour of the little boy who’s christening it is, I chose the powder blue version today. 🙂

Apart from the cute little belt, the back detailing is different with a single pleat swing back that hangs over the waist line giving a slightly more relaxed look.

I’d wear it with grey shoes and accessories, and maybe a nude blazer…

Tell me, have you got any occasions coming up that I should be searching for Friday Frocks for?

TGI Friday Love (It’s been a very long week!)


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14 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. I Love this dress!
    And as for other events – only the biggest one of the year – the Ff TeaTail party( tea & cocktails obv)
    This will need multiple dress posts though!
    TFI indeed. Phew. Making butter chicken curry from scratch so wish me luck!

  2. Gorgeous dress – but sadly I just know it wouldn’t suit my figure.

    In addition to the FF Afternoon Tea 😉 I’m on the lookout for a dress for my dad’s 60th surprise party which I’ll also be able to wear again and again… so far, I’m thinking either: or the Whistles Drew Wild Meadow Print Dress (the yellow pretty one!!)

    I am very much thankful it’s Friday… is it me, or has this week been the longest ever?!


  3. I’ve been eyeing this dress up (walk past Oasis about three or four times a day!), my only problem is with small pleats like that on my bottom half I look so frumpy, so as cute and lovely as it looks on the model (and I suspect on you) on me, it’ll be decidedly Mary Poppins!


    I lilke the styling you suggested, I’d probably whack a neon pink or orange bag or something in to the mix.

    I wish they did it without pleats… sob sob.

  4. Gemma – good luck with the curry – a Friday Food submission perhaps? 😉

    Victoria – I’m pretty sure you and I are the same size so hush your nonsense or I shall have to call out the pleat police! Love the idea of neon…

    Katie – Sooooooo long. I’m still tired from the flight delay and can’t wait for 4.30!


  5. I have a couple of little parties to attend over the next few weeks…a christening and fancy birthday drinks for a close friend. Only problem is…I’m 7 months pregnant!

    Absolutely love the little number above but won’t fit at this stage! 🙁 Any suggestions for pretty dresses for ladies with bumps?

    Don’t know if any of your other readers are pregnant with same problem. But “maternity” sections in high streets stores are just not cutting it.

    x x

  6. Ooh love this Oasis dress – they actually have some lovely ones at the moment! That Reiss dress is also gorgeous – what an amazing colour!!

    I’m also very much liking this green one

    Am with you on the weather – I dont want to buy winter clothes anymore! This week I bought 2 X pairs of shoes from Zara which I cant wait to wear in the summer!


    Slightly naughty but they were both very reasonable!!!
    Rachie xo

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