Friday Frock O’Clock

Today’s Friday Frock is a bit of a wild card… Leather, I hear you say? Yes indeed.

I’m having a bit of a (not at all S&M) love affair with leather of late. I can’t get over the classic nature of it as a fabric and the way it can work with so many trends. There surely isn’t any blouse/knit/shirt that can’t be paired with a black leather pencil skirt. That said, it’s a fine line, a very fine line.

Oddly enough there’s a huge trend for leather this summer in the SS12 collections and even odder still, the high fashion favourite is white, featuring in all the sports luxe collections. Today’s Mint Velvet neutral shift however is a classic and more wearable take on the trend that encompasses sixties, luxe, sports luxe and neutrals all in one.

I can’t wait to hear how you feel about leather – do you own a classic staple piece in leather that you can share or have you always lusted after a particular item?

As always, share your stylish finds this week and have a great weekend 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’Clock

  1. A lot of my friends are militant veggies, so it’s hardly worth wearing leather for the stick I’d get 🙁

    However I do have an amazing 1980s red leather biker jacket I’ve poached from my step-brother who was a metal head. It’s amazing and seriously Motley Crue but I’m still working up the courage to actually wear it out!


  2. I love this dress because you could totally wear it in winter with a long sleeved black top underneath it too…. and I have a black leather pencil skirt which I can attest goes with everything. Penny PUH-lease can I see a photo of you in that jacket?!

  3. Have been very tempted by these… but just not convinced I could pull them off. Would definitely love to see some pictures of ‘real’ women wearing them as opposed to the grumpy sticks on the websites!

  4. I had a black leather pencil skirt I used to wear after work, but with my White work shirt (inspired by Rachel from friends circa 1999) and it was the sweatiest most uncomfortable item of clothing ever. Your bottom is not meant to sweat.

    Saying that have you heard about the new weightloss sweat shorts for the gym. My friend said they really work.

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