Friday Frock O’clock

Now I have to confess, I did not find this week’s frock – you did. Yes that would be you Lel!

As soon as I saw this one, I couldn’t believe I missed it out of my Party Frocks round up this week, and my goodness, Oasis have got some corkers when it comes to Christmas sparkle… get thee over there and don’t blame me for the damage 😉

Oasis sparkle mesh dress – £70

It’s been a long week readers, hopefully by now I’ll be sinking my toes into the new carpet and admiring my work, so join me in sharing the spirit of Friday Frock O’clock by pasting a link of the frock you’re coveting at the moment into the comments box below so we can all veg out and admire them!

Big TFI Friday Frock love,

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11 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. Having said I was over sequins the other day I am now backtracking. That is beautiful and so is this which I’m buying when I win the lottery tomorrow night, and then wearing with a duffed up black biker jacket and some hoofy wedges to all the very cool parties I will be invited to in my new wealthy, yacht-addled life.


  2. Gah, I must own this dress! Damn myself for not checking out the Oasis website when I was searching for a Xmas Par-yay frock. Plus I have a wedding early Spring next yr and so this dress could double for that…think I’ve just talked myself into this. Weeeeee!


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