Friday Food: Sweet Potato Gnocci

Images by Simone Anne Lang

Todays recipe comes from Design Sponge where it was submitted by Simone Anne Lang. I love this new take on the classic comfort food that for me is right up there with mashed potato and ice cream, Gnocci. Instead of being made from ordinary potato however, it’s made from Sweet Potato, naturally higher in vitamins. It’s all about the five a day people!

Images by Simone Anne Lang

I really like simple, wholesome recipes and whilst this one isn’t easy, I’m sure it could be adapted to using shop bought gnocchi (although that’s not quite the point…) In my kitchen there’s definitely a repertoire of easy quick week-night dishes and also few favourites that require TLC and friends to chat with whilst cooking. This one definitely falls into the later category but I’m pretty darn sure if you can master it, you’d be feeling pretty proud of yourself!

Have you ever made your own Gnocci? I’d love to hear if anyone has a fool proof recipe for regular Gnocci – send it in!


PS – Just a reminder, its a new season and I’m waiting to hear from any of you who might have a recipe to share, something light and fresh, a favourite salad, barbecue goodness, or just a tried and tested family favourite. Please drop me an email on with the subject titled SUBMISSIONS and if you’re interested in any other ways you could get involved check out the other submissions I accept here.

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6 thoughts on “Friday Food: Sweet Potato Gnocci

  1. This looks amazing! I love gnocchi but only ever buy it, rather than make it. I worry that my home made ones might be a bit bland? However, will definitely be trying this!

  2. I love this post and my best friend is making this for us tonight! Sweet potatoes are a great texture for gnocci. I’ve make beetroot gnocci before from a recipe in the book Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros. It was gorgeous and I served it with smoked salmon.

  3. You mispelled the name of this dish…is GNOCCHI :)) and pronunciation: /ˈnɒki/, /ˈnjɒki/ hope you won’t get offended but your blog is so nice that such an error is a pity 🙂 for an Italian like me! 🙂 ciao, Fulvia

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