Friday Food: An American Pancake Stack

It’s Good Friday which means a four day weekend (for some – sorry if you’re reading this and working!) and a bit of time off for me too. First though, after making these last Sunday I thought how perfect they were for the long weekend and decided to share them with you all.

I’ve never made American pancakes from scratch before (I did used to use the packet mix, try Aunt Jemima Original Pancake Mix if you’re feeling lazy,) after being scared off by over complicated recipes containing ingredients like buttermilk. And who keeps buttermilk to hand for when you fancy it on the weekend? My favourite way to serve these is with grilled streaky bacon and sweet maple syrup, but you could serve them with scrambled eggs and the rest of the constituents of an English breakfast for an American twist on it.

Either way, make sure you have plenty of time, it’s a super easy recipe (via Cupcakes and Cashmere), but deserves to be savoured with coffee and the papers, for a totally relaxed start to the day.



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7 thoughts on “Friday Food: An American Pancake Stack

  1. Mmmm I love pancakes. And even better my husband loves making them. Will be suggesting them for breakfast this weekend x

  2. YUM!!!! You just reminded me that one of my fave things about the US is breakfast time! Pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup… lush! Lucky I’m headed that way in less than a month 🙂 (p.s. will be emailing you for recommendations soon!)

  3. erm, these are great, but it’d be PROPER sacrilegious to serve streaky bacon on Good Friday to any Catholics 😉 Happy Easter everyone! xx

  4. Victoria! I couldn’t agree more! American breakfast is awesome. American Brunch is even better. I’m sure I’m about to alienate a huge number when I say I’d take brunch over Sunday roast any day of the week. There’s just something so comfy about it: perhaps its the eeking out of breakfast into the day proper – it all feels very decadent. And decadent is perfect for a Sunday, eh?

    Oooh and on the pancakes front, I recently started substituting about 1/3 of flour with polenta and can heartily recommend it: makes ’em floury, light and possibly more delicious!


  5. We love pancakes here, even the kids can make them on their own – we just follow Jamie’s super simple – one cup self raising flour, one cup milk, one large egg and a pinch of salt. That’s it! The trick is to leave the batter to rest for about 20 mins and use butter and oil in the pan. Yummmm! I love them with sliced banana and maple syrup best. Happy Easter. xx

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