Friday [Bridesmaid] Frock O’clock

Last weekend was Jessica’s wedding and I missed sharing a friday frock with you all as I was running around like a headless chicken, picking up last minute items, decorating the marquee, practicing my walk down the aisle and preening Jess, (In another life I should have been a nail technician…) I hope I can make it up to you all today by sharing my outfit.

Fortunately Jess and I agreed that something grown up and elegant was what she wanted her bridesmaids in. All three of us are married ladies (and two are mummies,) so it seemed more appropriate to look for a thoroughly grown up dress. We’re all pretty different shapes and sizes too so it needed to be flattering for everyone (the usual bridesmaids issue,) and I was really hoping for comfortable, for eating and dancing.

Dreamy photography by the lovely Julia West of Julia and You, my hair (which I loved) by Cassandra Rizzuto

In the end, once Jess decided on peach as her colour scheme, I spotted this. Luckily we all loved it, including Jess, as it was the first and the last dress I saw in an appropriate shade and style all summer. I ended up accessorising with a beaded sparkling headband, crystal deco style earrings, a matching bag and a grey enamel floral cuff that I can’t find a picture of online anywhere. Unusually, I went for sandals, as a full shoe wouldn’t have been appropriate with the dress and managed to keep my almost 5 inch heels on all night.

When Jess is back from honeymoon I’ll share all the details – I can’t wait. But for now, you can see a sneak peek of the wedding on Julia’s blog. I hope you liked it – I loved every minute.

Have a fabulous weekend readers!


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14 thoughts on “Friday [Bridesmaid] Frock O’clock

  1. It is a really nice dress, you looked very pretty.
    I clicked through the wedding and wow, you did a great job! Also, firefighters, how exciting, I love that photo of the bride with the truck.
    What nail polish did you end up wearing, dark coral or light peach?

  2. Hi Rebecca. This is a gorgeous dress and you look beautiful in it. It looks like it was a wonderful day.

    As a reader of your excellent blog for well over a year now I did find parts of the way this post was written a little alienating. I’m neither a mum nor married but I am going to turn 30 in the next 6 months and there are some things that I simply wouldn’t wear now that I may have even a couple of years ago – like you I wish to look “thoroughly grown up” at occasions such as these (well, any occasion actually), and feel happy, attractive and appropriate in what I’m wearing. I don’t think being married or being a mother is a prerequisite for this or qualifies anyone for automatic entry into a special “grown up” category. I would certainly hope that a bride-to-be friend of mine would want me to feel comfortable and put me in a stylish but age-appropriate (and hopefully “me-appropriate”) dress regardless of my marital status (or as far as was possible). A grown-up dress because I am a grown up, as it were, fulfilling various responsibilities of adult life, of which being married and a parent are only two very optional facets.

    I no longer blog but did once and have received unkind comments on posts in the past, which are horrible to receive as a blogger, and I hope you don’t consider this as that type of comment, as it is absolutely not meant to be. Just a little honest feedback from someone who reads and enjoys your blog regularly, and will continue to do so.



    • Hi Jane, please don’t feel you have to explain your right to comment – it’s fine and I don’t think your comment is unkind.

      I certainly didn’t intend this to seem like being married or a mother were the only things that made the three of us grown up – it was just the factors that applied to us. I definitely feel different these days than I might have done a few years back and dress differently, but on reflection that is probably due to my career progression than being married.

      I do struggle to articulate the difference in dressing that naturally occurs as people get older, particularly as I often hear my contemporaries or blog readers saying that they are ‘too old for that’ which makes me cringe – what will we say when we’re 60 if we’re saying that at only 30 now? I want to encourage people to dress in a way that makes them happy and not feel hemmed in by stereotypes so that certainly wasn’t my intention here. I guess I just felt very grown up in this dress!

      Thanks for reading Jane!


  3. Hi Rebecca

    I looked at the photographers blog and it looks fab! Can’t believe the fire!!!!!
    Did Your friend wear flats? Her shoes look nice and I am after some flats for my wedding in the summer! HELP! Haha x

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