Found: Winter Cushions

Just recently, I’ve been thinking about switching our usual sofa cushions for some more seasonally appropriate textiles. There are so many graphic prints and luxurious textures around to nod to the colder weather approaching that it’s really hard not to be tempted, so I thought I’d do a little round up of my favourites.

In an effort to stay stylish and keep away from a Christmas theme, I’ve stayed away from reds, choosing natural tones, rustic knits and plush velvets or fur and a bit of the seasons interiors colour, moody blues.

  • Reindeer, Fox and Grey/White Argyle knit, Marks and Spencer.
  • Grey velvet and Linen cushion, Cox and Cox
  • Kissing Stags, Anorak at John Lewis
  • Teal watercolour, Bluebellgray
  • Donna Wilson Tree cloud cushion, Heals
  • Pale Velvet with black design, and Black Thistle on white background, Timorous Beasties forJohn Lewis
  • Reindeer stitch, Nordic House
  • Bambi print cushion, Graham and Green
  • Fur cushion, John Lewis

Will you be changing your decor for winter at all?


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12 thoughts on “Found: Winter Cushions

  1. I would actually love a faux-fur (that doesn’t look faux) for our Brown leather sofa as they get so cold in the winter! Especially in our draughty Victorian house! A throw that emulates the cushion from John Lewis above would be perfect.
    We are also looking for a rug for our lounge now that little man is beginning to roll and will ultimately be crawling. Wooden floors are a little hard on his poor head and knees! The search continues though. We can’t find anything appropriate.

    • I used to hate faux fur but recent incarnations have got better and better and it seems to be the epitome of luxury right now. I’ve had my eye on this one for a while and I think the key is getting one with some colour variation to make it look more natural. I still love my cow hide but after cat-gate, I’m scared to put it down again.

      Have you thought about a reindeer skin? I Love these.

      Also, have you looked at John Lewis for Rugs? Might sound a little obvious but I was obsessing over a felt one that looked knitted a while back which they dont seem to have. But they do have a few amazing ones… this blue one? Or a geo print? Or I saw this one instore the other day… I guess you have to think about clean-ability?

      • I have a rug I adore from Ikea – great geomteric shapes and handwoven – really good quality for Ikea but really really reasonable given the quality. I’ve had it for 4 years now (although they still sell it) and the only place you can tell is where I spilled my coffee on it as I stood admiring it the day after we bought it. Grumble!

  2. I changed my cushions last week, I bought cushions with stags, cream with navy stags, also to keep away from the xmas feel and my 4 year old niece came to visit and was so excited “Auntie Marlene you have Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer cushions”! Fail !!

  3. We’re moving in a few weeks and though we can’t afford to change furniture (and oh! how we wish we could!) we’re definitely going to update things and cushions seem like a great idea.

    Honestly I’d never considered anything but hand-woven/ knitted/ unusually screen-printed before (my inner textiles nerd coming to the fore) but I’m rather enamoured of the little fox, grey swede and fair isle combo. Not sure husband will approve and it may have more than a little to do with my current obsession with those gorgeous red-haired foxes…!

  4. I love love redoing our cushions. I make my own so I’m always on the look out for fabrics I can knock into shape for the seasonal shifts. On an etsy trawl the other day I found these:
    I just love the woodland creature ones. And I love the Anorak prints. Was quite tempted to get pillow cases.

    I bought the square pillows at the weekend for our bed – you’re right Rebecca – how did I live without them!! I made them brushed cotton (like pyjamas!) cases and they’re the softest most wonderful things. Nest achieved!

  5. I got a stag cushion cover from eBay for our (never-ending…) bedroom makeover. Hubby likes it – I think stags are about as manly as cushions get! I always pop into Dunelm Mill too, it’s pretty good for reasonably priced home things.

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