Found: Thornback and Peel

As I’m still on the (what feels like a) never ending quest to put the finishing touches to my dining and living room decorating that started all the way back in November, I’m keeping my eyes seriously peeled for stylish finishing touches to a room. Today’s find is definitely going to be finding it’s way into my dining room, probably by way of these quirky napkins, but there’s plenty of other ways I could incorporate them with ease… introducing Thornback and Peel.

I am absolutely in love with the way they have made their range of prints look so quirky with the bright colours. No surprise that I’m obsessing over the pinks, the greys, the blue, the greens, the yellows… the nostalgic jellies, the cheeky pigeons, the culinary and allotment references with rabbits and cabbages.

It’s not just napkins that Thornback and Peel do however, with a huge range of items you can add to your home. I first found the cushions (the pink jelly and grey pigeon one in Selfridges actually,) but the website lists fabrics, stationery, tea towels, deck chairs and heart stopping wallpaper.

I couldn’t have kept it all from you, even if I had wanted to and I think they would make great gifts too. Do go and have a look around at Thornback and Peel online.

Do you love?


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7 thoughts on “Found: Thornback and Peel

  1. EXACTLY what I was looking for! Seriously spent half my morning looking for tea towels and these are exactly what I had in mind (but couldn’t find anywhere)

    Thank you!! xx

  2. They do lovely stuff don’t they? I got my Christmas cards from them in 2011 and also got a box of their mixed napkins for the table. Really good quality things and they wash well 🙂

    I now am lusting after their deckchairs for the garden since we now have cleared a lot of the jungle and the tree surgeon has been!

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