Found: Birchbox

Have you heard of Birchbox?

A little while ago I was asked to review Birchbox – an online subscription service that for a monthly fee arranges a little box of beauty goodies to be sent to you. The box contains a selection of samples of new, cult and boutique beauty and lifestyle brands. Most are sample sizes and after you have tried them you can go onto and purchase the full size product whilst earning reward points to be used against future purchases.

I have to say, I was pretty excited to receive my box and see what was inside. Mine (the April box) contained:

Along with the products you also get a mini-magazine, with recommended products, more about the selection in your Birchbox, tutorials and tips, and other interesting snippets.

So what did I think? I really liked it – I’m a real creature of habit when it comes to beauty and make up and lack the motivation to splash out on premium products because I worry I might not like them and it would turn out to be a waste of money. As a result I just stick with my favourites. I felt like this was a low cost way of trying out new brands and sampling new products and it felt fun and like a little treat (in the same way that receiving an internet shopping order feels like a gift when in fact you have paid for it!)

I was also pleased with the variety that I received – there was a make up item, 2 skin care, 1 body/bath item and one hair which seemed a great spread, however the products you get are a selection of 4-5 items from a longer list of 8+ items and I think I would be frustrated if I missed out on items I would have liked to try. I guess that’s all part of the excitement though and the draw to go online and purchase the think you didn’t get.

So what do you think guys? Tempted? I certainly am. There are several signup options, but it’s basically £10/month plus P&P so a total of £12.95 and you can cancel at anytime if you choose the rolling subscription. I’d love to know what you think if you have tried it?


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6 thoughts on “Found: Birchbox

  1. It’s like a Graze box full of beauty goodies! I think it’s brilliant, would make a nice birthday/Christmas present to set up for a few months for a friend, or if you can get a one off box a nice surprise parcel for someone!

    • Ha! I was going to post exactly the same comment… although trying to cancel my Graze subscription wasn’t too dissimilar from that Friends episode where Chandler tries to

    • Hi Ladies, I have to agree with you Rebecca i too always stay commited to my “Favourite makeup” and do not want to feel as though i am wasting money by trying products that don”t work. But i do love to try new things and after seeing all those gorgeous goodies i may have to give them a go!! 😉 After all i am having trouble trying to find my usual makeup, hope it isn”t discontinued ;-(
      Thanks for you very honest insights into everything on Florence Finds Rebeccca!! I for one love reading your Bloggs with a cup of coffee,Its my well earned break for this little mummy xx

  2. I’ve tried lots of different beauty boxes (GlossyBox, She Said Beauty, amongst others….) with varying results. This is one I haven’t tried though and looks like it could be one of better ones… I like that there are six products (others tend to have 5) and that they look resonably sized. Most of all though I love the sound of the magazine, it would be great to have tips about the products you are trialling!

    I reckon I am going to give it a whirl, thanks for recommending Rebecca 🙂 x

  3. I’ve been a subscriber to Birchbox in the US for about 15 months now. I like that it allows me to try new products that I wouldn’t necessarily pick up otherwise, and it doesn’t cost very much ($10 a month with free P&P here).
    It can be really hit or miss though. Sometimes the ‘deluxe’ samples aren’t much more than the foil packets you can get in magazines, other times you may hit the jackpot with a full-size item.

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