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Last week, I wrote about my trip to The Drawing Room in Wales and promised you guys a peek into what we did whilst we were there. It’s such a beautiful area and there’s plenty to fill a weekend, depending on whether you are as lazy as we were, but that’s all coming at a later date. Today, I give you Baileys.

Baileys Home and Garden is an interiors store hidden away, near to Hereford and just outside Ross-on-Wye. Although I’ve known about it for several years (first spotted in Living Etc I think) I’ve never been in that part of the world. After traffic stopped us popping in last year on route to a wedding, I was absolutely desperate to pop in during our trip to Wales and we decided to make it our Sunday trip on the way home. (It’s actually about 1.5hrs south of The Drawing Room but closer to the motorway, so despite the detour, was quicker getting home from there than coming down originally.)

You can reach Baileys and purchase a selection of their stock online, however, I knew there was a much greater variety of things on offer in the store and was curious to see how it was all curated. Sally and Mark Bailey have written 3 books on styling your home and their salvaged, repurposed and rustic style is right up my street, so I was quite literally in seventh heaven.

Housed in Whitecross barn there are several large buildings which display their wares. You can find quite literally everything here from vegetable peelers, kitchen goods, ceramics and scented candles to sofas, antiques and 1930’s bathroom suites. The displays are quite overwhelming and I have to admit I actually went around twice, with a trip to the Tabernacle Tearoom in between, where we feasted on delicious sandwiches, heavenly cakes and washed it all down with old fashioned lemonade.

I left with a vegetable scrubber, tiny measuring cup for small amounts of fluids – (you know, those recipes that call for 20mls of milk etc,) 2 vintage milk bottles for displaying flowers and some galvanised trays for my office, but with plans to go back for more! I also loved the lighting selection. My only frustration was that so many of the salvaged items used to display their stock weren’t for sale!

So, have you visited Baileys, bought anything from there, or have I introduced you to somewhere new? I know so many of you reading will love their aesthetic!


PS Head on over to Florence’s Amazon store to see the books…

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12 thoughts on “Found: Baileys Home and Garden

  1. Yep, do love a bit of Baileys since I did a blog post on their wedding gift list {yes.. I wish I’d have seen it before I had my own wedding too!}. I’m always visiting the site but would love to visit the store, it looks pretty awesome 🙂

  2. I do believe my “wonderful” husband has been hiding this from me! He’s from Hereford originally and has never told me about this! Well I think this will fill a day when we go visiting in April!

  3. Right, that’s our weekend sorted then. Only an hour from Cardiff to Ross and not much longer to Hereford. I think a visit on either Sat or Sun is in order. Will let you know if we get anything exciting!

  4. I love Baileys-have spent hours devouring their website but not had the honour of visiting the shop yet. I think I will add this to my weekend ‘wishlist’ of places to visit over the next few months-can’t wait 

  5. If you are ever back in the area, Rebecca, you should also take a quick trip over to the little market town of Abergavenny and check out Homes of Elegance
    Naff name -but the coolest stuff! Retro studio lights, Chesterfield type sofas, quirky hammered metal side tables etc. There are also lots of top-notch gastro pubs in the area to make the trip worthwhile -or come when the Abergavenny food festival is on in September!
    I’m from Cardiff so will definitely be taking a trip to Baileys!

  6. Wow – I have never heard of Bailies and I am completely in love already. Been on the website all last night with the boy and we have pretty much planned the decor of a home we don’t yet own.

    It was fun!!!

    Thanks 🙂

  7. I live just down the road from Baileys and do agree they have some beautiful things, but be careful as most of the stuff is very pricey, I wanted a vintage style galvanised mop bucket from there but ended up buying an identical one at countrywide store for about less than a quarter of the price of Baileys one, and remember to keep your eyes peeled at car boots and charity shops where you can pick up the same kind of items for a snip x

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  9. i visited your shop during my christamas holyday and I was litterally astonished seeing your products and the use you can do whith all thinghs someone would probabily trhow away I really appreciated everything .
    my congratulation to all creative people working for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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