Florence’s Manchester Afternoon Tea

Last weekend was the Florence Finds afternoon tea in Manchester and what an afternoon it was. Despite some people feeling distinctly worse for the wear from the Saturday night before I was beyond honoured that people hauled themselves out of bed to support me and Florence Finds – thanks guys 🙂

Bottom Image: Top right, Laura Lawson. Bottom, Myself and Mahj.
All Images by Laura and Peter Lawson of Lawson Photography

It’s ironic that one of the things I fear the most about the blog, its diversity, is actually the thing that marks it out for readers as different, and also acts as a benchmark for the readers. I sat amongst Doctors, Florists, Photographers, stay at home Mums and a dairy farmer for good measure! Readers journeyed from as close as Didsbury, to as far afield as Shropshire, Halifax and Nottingham – I was blown away.

Top, Ruth. Middle, Laura and Vicky of Bride and Chic. Bottom, Elissa from Magpie Miller.
All Images by Laura and Peter Lawson of Lawson Photography

Topics covered included maternity benefits, how to change a tap washer or fix a toilet, house prices and of course nail polish, with everything in-between. I love you guys for being so intelli-fabulous.

Vicky and Fran (top), Zan, Mahj, Me and Becky Hay from Blossom (bottom).

Laura and Peter Lawson.
All Images by Laura and Peter Lawson of Lawson Photography

Laura and Peter Lawson were roped in to bring their cameras along so I owe them a massive thank you for tirelessly snapping and capturing it all for me to share with you. We held the tea at the Great John Street Hotel, part of the Eclectic Hotel group and one of my favourite places in the city. not only was the decor fabulous, but the afternoon tea was delicious and the service brilliantly organised – I can’t wait to organise the next one with them. If you’re ever in Manchester and want to treat yourself to staying somewhere nice, definitely check them out. The rooms are seriously decadent.

Elissa, Mahj and Becky.
All Images by Laura and Peter Lawson of Lawson Photography

Thank you so much to everyone for coming and a big shout out to Jillian who missed her train from Edinburgh. Roll on the next round of teas… I just need a little break to recover first!


PS have a look in the gallery below for more images – Thanks Laura and Pete again!

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17 thoughts on “Florence’s Manchester Afternoon Tea

  1. Aw, thanks so much for the shout out, Rebecca! I was well and truly gutted that I missed the tea and didn’t get to meet you or all the other fabulous people, but I will definitely be signing up for the next one–after you’ve recuperated, of course!:)

  2. Hee, that’ll be me that was feeling a little worse for wear! But I must say that afternoon tea may be the greatest hangover cure ever!
    It was so lovely to come and meet everyone and finally have a chance to visit the Great John St Hotel instead of loitering outside! Please please can we have another one very soon?!


    PS. They served the sandwiches on slate tiles! Slate tiles!!

    • I’m very impressed you made it at all judging by how much it *looked* like you enjoyed the night before.

      Top marks also go to Vicky and Fran, also slightly worse for the wear from Saturday night, who didn’t confess and weren’t rumbled until they left considerably perked up 😉

  3. I was so devo that I couldn’t come, but as I would have been wearing that EXACT same Whistles floral dress that is gracing the lovely Becky from Blossom, perhaps it’s just as well? We’d have had a FlorenceFashionFauxPas?
    ps. Slate tiles Mahj? Le jealous!

  4. Thank you so much for organising such a lovely afternoon! It was fantastic to meet everyone & I can’t wait to do it again! xx

  5. Thanks for organising the afternoon tea. It was lovely to meet everyone.

    The photos are fabulous. I loves. Yes, for the next meet up. And can it be in Chester! Thanks! 😉 For purely selfish reasons.


  6. Wow! What fab photos, the Lawsons are a seriously talented couple. I had a wonderful time and it was lovely to meet everyone. Have decided I need afternoon tea more often. It was yummy, am off to try to hunt down somewhere similar in Newcastle xx

  7. Was a great afternoon, so nice to meet so many people and such lovely afternoon tea! And a sneaky Sunday glass of champagne never goes amiss 😉

  8. Yes it was super, thanks for organising Rebecca and I couldn’t have had a better hangover cure, tea & sandwiches, cakes & champagne 🙂

    So lovely to meet everyone and can’t wait for the next one 🙂

    Ps Great pics Lawson team! I think it was my tea pouring ability that made such a fabulous picture though 😉

  9. ‘Twas wonderful, thanks Rebecca for a smashing afternoon and curing the hangover {you’re a medical marvel!}. Everyone was lovely in real life and they look even lovelier in the fab photos. I’m off to start a campaign to reinstate afternoon tea as an every day occurance, it’s so civilised!xxxx

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