Florence’s Gift Guide #4: Every difficult to buy for man you know…

This morning it’s the big kahuna. Gifts for men. I think it’s safe to say that every man in the history of the universe suddenly turns into a nightmare to buy for from the age of 15. They either buy what they want as soon as they want it, leaving you nothing to spoil him with, or they simply ‘don’t want anything at all’ leaving you in a quandary.

Here are a few ideas, from stocking fillers to larger presents that will hopefully at least inspire you if not solve your problems…

Did I do well readers?

Please share your best picks for men and triumphs in the gift buying stakes this Christmas!


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9 thoughts on “Florence’s Gift Guide #4: Every difficult to buy for man you know…

  1. Ha ha, there’s only one person who’d like to see me in that bra…Connie! The socks it is, and maybe the shoes to go with ; ) xx

  2. Great round up of gifts for men! I’ve had past successes with a coffee bean grinder and box of great shirts (I like the idea of giving something that provides a little luxury everyday).

    Husband is getting a few things off his Amazon list, plus a surprise coffee bean subscription from: http://www.coffeereal.co.uk/

  3. I’ve actually bought two of those giant ice ball moulds for his stocking this year, we went to a bar in Boston once that chipped massive hunks off for whiskey drinks and it reminded me of that. I would recommend the butchery class at the Ginger Pig, that’s one of my most well received presents ever (I went too and it really was great).

    I am trying to be minimalistic this year with presents (mainly because with the maternity leave coming up I’m going to have to ask for help to pay off my credit card and then he’d just be buying his own present!) so have gone for practical things for cooking and running as those are his two favourite hobbies. I always find presents that I think are boring go down the best.

  4. Do you know what; I would not have though of giving my hubby underwear (for me) as a gift, so thank you for the idea! I am so going to do just that this year

    *types agent provocateur into Google*

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