Florence’s gift guide #1: For your cool sister/friend

I was in two minds as to whether I should put together some gift guides for Christmas 2012 this year as they take some time to do and I wasn’t sure how useful you guys find them. I decided to go ahead for two reasons. One, I love reading gift guides myself and spotting things on them that I wouldn’t have thought of and two, I love browsing gift guides and finding things that I would like for myself. 😉

Today’s gift guide is for the stylish, lovely female friend or maybe sister in your life who you love to spoil. The person that you think of about 25 things to buy for every year but have to settle on just one or two.

Girls Aloud, Ten [Deluxe Edition] // Lucas Jack Star Ring // Sequin wash bag, Ted Baker // Yves Purple Shoes, Reiss // Merino lined wellington boots, EWE Wellies // Caviar and Oyster Eye Pallette, Bobbi Brown // Ice Queen necklace, Banana Republic // Nail Polish gift set, Topshop // Candle, Fox & Crow // Young House Love book // Glitter Clutch bag, Miss KG

Happy Shopping!


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8 thoughts on “Florence’s gift guide #1: For your cool sister/friend

  1. LOVE that sequin washbag! And I do like gift guides – I usually have a good idea what I want to get for my best girlfriends but always value help on a) my dad and b) ‘casual acquaintances’ that you don’t want to spend lots on but still look like you’ve tried! So I hope those guides are ones you have up your sleeve 😉

  2. I really like your gift guides, there is always something (lots of things!) I want for myself – like that star ring, please santa can I have it in a large 😀 and there is always something I see to buy for someone, even if it is not the exact product you show it is definitely useful for ideas so thanks xx

  3. I really appreciate gift guides! I always struggle with a few people and welcome all assistance. Now, would you put one together for ‘your aunt and uncle who have all the things they really want or need but to whom you really want to gift something to show your appreciation of them’, please?! 🙂

  4. I’ve found all the gift guides you’ve prepared really helpful – I’ve been dipping back into last year’s for shopping inspiration again this Christmas! Now if you have any suggestions for what I can get my great aunt who has recently moved into a care home, with very little space for non-essential personal items, that will be a Christmas miracle! x

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