Florence’s Florals: A DIY Christmas wreath from Blossom

This morning I’m super excited as I get to introduce another regular columnist… My good friend Becky Hay from Blossom, florist extraordinaire and lovely lady. I’ve also been dying to share this DIY Becky created for Florence Finds last Thursday… I had a lovely day in the shop with mince pies and Michael Buble in the background so I really hope this inspires some of you to get creative and make your own DIY Christmas wreath.

While we’re at it, I’d like to congratulate Becky, Aisling and the team at Blossom as they have just won an award for the Best North West florist in the Wedding Industry awards! Of course I know that already. 😉

Image Credit: Rebecca Norris for Florence Finds

Today’s wreath is absolutely gorgeous… A rustic take on Christmas decor, complete with wildlife and a hint of snow white glitz, I’m considering ditching my regular wreath for a DIY effort. I wanted to inspire those of you looking for something different as it’s a DIY and it’s also a keeper… With no living parts, you can pack this one away and bring it out year after year.

Take it away Becky!

Hi everyone, I’m very honoured to have been invited to contribute to Florence’s Florals. This is the first of two festive wreath tutorials, both are made using a shop bought willow wreath base which are quite easy to come by and have been created to inspire you rather than dictate to you. When it comes to door wreaths, literally anything goes, so go and collect whatever you can lay your hands on and get creative.

Pre made wreaths are available in all sorts of shapes and materials. The principle described below can be used to attach extra items to any wreath you fancy as long as you can push a wire through the main body of the wreath.

What we used:

  • Ready made white washed willow wreath (try saying that after a night out!)
  • Contorted willow
  • Birch twigs
  • White pine cones (Natural cones will do the job just as well or you can spray them white using a can of spray paint)

Image Credit: Rebecca Norris for Florence Finds

  • Larch cones still on the branch
  • Medium – thick gauge florist stub wire (available from all good Florists and Garden Centres)
  • White owl decoration
  • Organza ribbon

What to do:
1. Cut small pieces of willow and birch twigs and poke through the gaps in the wreath until they feel secure.
(If your wreath has large gaps, you may need to use more twigs or a wire to hold sections of twig in place.)
Keep adding more twigs until you get the fullness you want.

Image Credit: Rebecca Norris for Florence Finds

2. Wiring the large cones: Take a single piece of stub wire and dig the middle part of the wire in between the scales at the base of the cone (the fatter end), pull each end of the wire down, and twist them together as close to the bottom of the cone as possible. Pull each end of the wire back together and straighten. In floristry terms this is called a ‘double leg mount’ – the two stems of the wire are known as ‘legs’. Attach the cone to your wreath by placing each ‘leg’ of wire through a gap in your wreath and twisting them together at the back of the wreath to secure. Tuck the excess ends of wire back into the back of the wreath so they don’t scratch your front door.

Image Credit: Rebecca Norris for Florence Finds

This principle can be used to attach absolutely anything to your wreath – bunches of foliage, feathers, dried flowers, fresh flowers, berries, and anything else you can find in your garden or while out for a walk.

3. Next, take the sections of Larch branch and arrange amongst the large cones. I secured my two bits in place by using a single wire, folded into a hairpin shape, pinning the larch in place and twisting each ‘leg’ of the haipin wire together at the back of the wreath and pushing the ends back into the wreath as you did for the cones.

Image Credit: Rebecca Norris for Florence Finds

4. The owl decoration I used already had a clip on it but you can use any decoration as long as you can manage to secure a wire through the base of it to then secure it to your wreath.

Image Credit: Rebecca Norris for Florence Finds

5. Finally, I made a 6 loop bow using the organza ribbon. There’s a detailed tutorial on one of those here. I used a stub wire to gather the centre of my bow which I then used to push through the wreath and secure at the back of the wreath, as decribed for attaching the cones. Use a separate piece of ribbon looped through the back of the wreath to hang it from.

Image Credit: Rebecca Norris for Florence Finds

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I’ll try to get back to you asap.

Gorgeous no?

I love the winter wonderland feel complete with feathered friend, it just looks magical. I usually entwine a set of battery powered lights into my wreath and I think they would look great in this one too.

Next week, Becky will be doing a completely different wreath, closer to Christmas because it includes living elements and you’re all going to love it! Thank you Becky!

See you then,

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  1. Oooh we’re going wreath buying tonight maybe I’ll see if I can buy two one inside & one outside. Looking forward to the next tutorial. Feeling all very festive thank you.

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