Florence’s Favourites: The Sanctuary

I’ve been a long time fan of The Sanctuary products, so when I recieved a box full of ‘Spathroom Essentials’ from The Sanctuary, in the midst of the building site that passes for our patio whilst surveying the kitchen wreckage, I couldn’t have been happier. The products have a really luxurious feel without being mega expensive and do the job too so I couldn’t wait to start using them.

I cannot tell you what a godsend it felt like to have an excuse to pamper instead of clean or DIY or decorate, especially while pregnant!

I particularly loved the 5 day moisture hand lotion. My hands are taking a real beating at the moment and this stuff really works to moisturise and soothe.

If you asked me what my favourite body scrub is, hands down I would have told you it was this one, the Sanctuary Salt Scrub. The smell is divine, (as is that of the body butter,) so paired with the bath soak and a scented candle it sounds like my idea of heaven right now.

And for the face? You know I love a good diy spa sesh, and this thermal detox mask is right up there with the best of them when it comes to keeping breakouts at bay or putting an end to an untimely bout of troublesome skin. The therapists facial oil is hydrating, leaves my skin velvety soft and miraculously not greasy at all.

So guys, do you use Sanctuary products? And do you have any favourites?


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All products were provided by The Sanctuary, however as you can see from previous posts I am a long time fan and happy to recommend their products.

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4 thoughts on “Florence’s Favourites: The Sanctuary

  1. I really like the salt scrub too, and the body butter. I have a set I bought in the Jan sales that I was going to give as a gift but you know what, I might just crack it open for myself!

  2. I LOVE the Sanctuary body butters. In my first pregnancy i never bothered with anything on my skin (and fortunately mother nature never punished me for it. But this time my skin felt so tight, and even early on if i was to bend down to tie my shoes/put socks on i could feel the pressure on the skin down my spine, all tingly and it felt horrible.

    So pretty much every day i have put The Sanctuary body butter on my bump and round to my back, and i’ve not felt it since, even at 29 weeks and measuring off the GROW chart. Still no stretch marks in sight either… **holds breath**

    I’m now working through a pack of 3 smaller tubs (mothers day gift… 🙂 ) and the one currently is a creme souffle and it’s just divine. well worth the 2 minutes a day that i have come to enjoy, even though i’m really not a pampering kind of person.

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