Florence’s Favourite… Sunscreen

Now that the weather has finally taken a turn for the better I thought it was a good time to talk sunscreen.

It’s fair to say that I’m not a newbie to sun care – having a Dad who died of Melanoma tends to change your relationship with the sun somewhat and my Mum has always been an advocate of staying out of the sun to prevent its ageing effects. She’s a pretty good advert for the benefits of sunscreen 😉

One of the things I always think gets missed, is your face. Yes, we all put sunscreen on (I hope!) on the beach or on holiday, but what about every single day? What about that hour you might spend in the sun on a nice day in your lunch hour, or 5 O’clock drinks after work? Just the commute into work?! Everybody underestimates the strength of the sun and if you imagine the way lights bounces off every surface, the sun’s rays included, there’s really no escaping it.

So today I’m sharing my 2 favourite facial sunscreens and hope you guys might do the same, or perhaps share your thoughts on daily sunscreen.

First up, a Clinique sunscreen, their Factor 30 Face Cream. This one gets my vote because it’s oil free. Most suncreams are oily but this one goes on nicely and stays put without making your face look like a sticky mess. It’s my go-to holiday sunscreen of choice.

Secondly, my secret weapon. Co-incidentally also Clinique, Super City Block. It’s also available as a Factor 25 cream but I go for the Factor 40. From a medical point of view, you should never, regardless of how well you think your skin copes with the sun (unless you have for example asian or black skin, although you’d still benefit from sunscreen to prevent pigmentation and ageing if so…) wear less than a factor 25. I wear the super city block everywhere – from ski-ing to on the allotment. Although marketed as sheer, I find it evens skin texture and means I don’t need a tinted moisturiser or foundation.

Of course, day to day I don’t wear a pure sunscreen, instead opting for sun protection in my tinted moisturiser, which offers a decent SPF 20 built in.

I don’t know if it’s age or vanity but I’ve certainly noticed my skin seems to be a bit more susceptible to pigmentation in the sun these days and in an effort to stave off impending wrinkles, I’m vowing to make a bigger effort with my facial sunscreen on a daily basis.

So tell me what your sunscreen regime is day to day or on the beach. I’d love to hear if you’re already a sunscreen devotee, if you’ve started to worry about sun damage or if I’ve made you think about saving yourself from wrinkle-dom!


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20 thoughts on “Florence’s Favourite… Sunscreen

  1. I am a sunscreen devotee! Having spent a few years working for a large cancer charity, I have heard too many first hand stories to be anything but. Am also blonde with fair skin so it is the only way to avoid the attractive ‘tomato’ look!

    I wear SPF 25 via my make up every day (I have been known to burn on a cloudy day in October) and SPF 30 applied every hour if I’m outside in summer – I’d have saved myself a lot of embarrassing photos if I’d figured this out in my teenage years!

    And I have hugely sensitive skin but on my GP’s recommendation (a fellow eczema sufferer!) I started using Piz Buin and have never looked back, I find it doesn’t irritate at all.

  2. I am a huge sunscreen obsessive, even more so now that I’ve had children with a man of Irish descent! My little ones are very fair skinned and exactly like their Father in that they only need to look at the sun to burn.

    My Mum is another great advert for wearing sunscreen. She has applied Oil of Olay with SPF 15 every day for as long as I can remember, and this was even before it was ‘the done thing’ in terms of anti-aging skin care. Her skin is amazing, and I hope I can age as well as her!

    My favourite facial sunscreen is by Chanel and is factor 50. It’s a lovely, milky light fluid that suits my slightly oily skin. It also doesn’t break me out, which is often the case with sunscreen. Very tempted to try the Clinique when I run out!

    Franky xxx

  3. I have such problem with sunscreens on my face breaking me out (on my already traumatised summer skin) that I just tend to rely on the SPF from my tinted moisturiser (spf25) which I know is lazy but works for me and my vanity!

    However, despite the fact I’m olive skinned, I do want to be more careful. My Mum has a great relationship with the sun. Being Portuguese, she’s never out in the heat of the day (between 12 and 4, favouring a siesta instead – wish we could ALL do that!), and when she is out its in the morning sun wearing a wide brimmed straw hat. At 59, she hardly has any wrinkles.

    I’d love to find a sunscreen that doesn’t break me out. I think I might have to try the City Block again. Even my trusted Dermalogica’s own sunscreen doesn’t agree with me.

    Any tips from anyone would be great


  4. I’m obsessed with sunscreen, I use factor 30. One of my closest friends developed skin cancer at 22, luckily she’s fine now, but it really hit home how precious our bodies are and how we need to protect them.

    So lots of cool shade and floppy hats for me! x

  5. I make sure my daily moisturiser and foundation has SPF 15 or higher in, regardless of the time of year. For stronger protection I have two to recommend, hot off the beach! I have to admit I adore lying in the sunshine and have just returned from a week in France. My top product was Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50. It is so light and sheer, especially considering the high spf! It was really comfortable to wear, not greasy or shiny at all. My other favourite is No7 Anti-Dark Spot Facial Sun Protection SPF 30. I find this is light enough to wear under make up or even other moisturisers.
    Two key bits of advice: always include neck and decollete when applying your facial SPF and try not to use suncream which is too old! My husband insisted on using an ancient Ambre Solaire spray one day and while it might have been spf 15 at some stage, it lead to some rather pink patches.

  6. Completely agree – good advice Rebecca! I always use factor 50 on my face as I walk to work. Hopefully I’ll continue to be relatively wrinkle and pigment free, unlike some of the ladies sporting tans!

  7. I have a nightmare with sunscreen as my skin is so sensitive and I am allergic to a lot of things. I also suffer from what I think is heat rash ever since I was a teenager any bit of sun on my arms would bring me out in a horrible itchy rash the doctors told my mum to put calamine lotion on it but that did nothing over the years it has got slightly better but I do need to be careful
    I always use at least factor 30 and because my skin is covered in freckles and moles stay out of the major sun. I recently tried Ultra sun sensitive which is hypoallergenic on my holidy in Tobago and didnt have any sunburn despite being in the sun most days it’s quite expensive but seems to do the trick.

    I might give the clinique city block a try as a non oily cream sounds perfect for my face

    Sorry to hear about your dad

  8. I use the Olay Regenerist moisturiser every day which has spf 30 in it for my face. I’ve used anti-ageing cream with spf since I was about 18 in a bid to avoid the wrinkles! When I know I’m going to be out in the sun I use P20 – it’s only factor 20 which is usually lower than I would need on my (very) pale skin, but because it stays on rather than sweating off I’ve not burned since I started to use it a few years back. You can put it on once a day (although for safety I usually reapply) and it is very water-resistant (hubby uses it when he’s kite surfing and he has now stopped coming home like a lobster! – although again I would recommend reapplying after being in the water). The only times I’ve got burnt since I started using P20 was this weekend when I just popped into the garden to hang some washing out – that’s how quickly I burn without sunscreen!!


  9. Big Sunscreen devotee and love the sun but have to be covered or sit in the shade as i’m naturally pale. Very much like these choices for face – i think i’m going to invest xx

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  11. I struggle with what to put on my face on holiday so thanks for the Clinique oil free tip – hope I can still remember by the time another foreign holiday calls.

    Everyday – my Boots moisturiser has SPF which I try my hardenst to remember to also put on my neck & decollete as Helen pointed out. Nothing worse than a crepey neck.

    For the rest of my body, I’m also a devotee to Ultra Sun. Like Stacey, I have always suffered from terrible heat rash and tried all the hypo allergenic regular creams out there. It’s expensive but you only need to apply it once or twice a day and some of them have a lovely shimmer in which I think is an added bonus for holiday skin!

  12. Yes to SPF. I use factor 15 moisturiser everyday of the year and then pump it up to 50 when the sun’s out (basically every day from April – October, actually just in case). I find it difficult to find an affordable daily moisturiser that is above SPF 15 – any recommendations? It works so much better for me not to have put on multiple creams.

  13. I’m very conscious of needing to wear something on my face every day, but everything I’ve tried is just so heavy. I’m not a make-up person at all so I do struggle with this! But you’ve inspired me to look harder!

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