Florence’s Favourite: Concealers

I have to say, although I am a bit of a make-up addict, I do tend to stick to some staples – I’m a creature of habit and if it ain’t broke, I say why try and fix it, so I stick with my favourites. I also find that as I’ve got older, I’ve really gotten into creating the perfect base – flawless but not caked on and have learned this is down to more than just one product, primers, tinted moisturisers or foundation, concealer, highlighter, powder…

More recently I seem to be stuck in the middle of an irritating hormonal break out and it has lead me back to my concealers – not an item I use every day, but one that when I do use it, I expect minor miracles from. After all, nothing restores your confidence better than a flawless base right?

So today, I’m going to share my favourite concealers and I hope you’ll all share any that you think are particularly worthy of mention too.

First up, my long time favourite(s) from Laura Mercier.

The reason for the elaborate graphic here is that I use the little pot of magic at the bottom, the Laura Mercier Undercover Pot. Hopefully The image illustrates that you can purchase one of these and try out several different products for minimal outlay. That said, I actually bought it pre-wedding, so had use for all of them, but if you just need one or another of them you might prefer to purchase individually.

Secret Camouflage is the key item here, which normally comes in a compact with 2 shades to blend for different areas of your skin (even on the face there can be a couple of shades difference) but you just get one pre-blended on in the pot. The reason I love it, is probably partly down to the dry looking formula that just blends fabulously and the brush that goes with it for said blending. (At extra cost.) I don’t know about anyone else out there but I find if you have dry skin or have picked and ‘gasp’ created a scab from a particularly troublesome spot, if you blend a cream formula in with fingers you don’t cover the top but form a ring of product around the problem, the just highlighting it. With this feather light brush it’s like airbrushing the problem away. Set it with the powder tucked under the pot and you’re good for the day.

The other item in the pot is the secret concealer. This is great for under eye shadows on those extra tiring days or when you’ve burnt the candle at both ends. I apply it with a different brush, or my finger and think it gives great coverage.

Next up, a relatively new find purchased when in desperate need off a flight to New York with Jess. After sinking the best part of a bottle of wine on board and the most marathon catch up ever, we emerged with a full day to make the most of in Manhattan looking like we hadn’t been to bed the night before. (I should speak for myself!) We headed to Sephora where I picked up the Smashbox High Definition Liquid Concealer. I actually wanted it to sort out my under-eye shadows, but have since found it to be a bit of an all around miracle worker. I part it in with my finger, or more often than not use this concealer brush I dug out from my kit to blend it in – it’s particularly great for areas of increased pigmentation around the nose or chin and for evening out larger areas.

Florence’s Tips:

  • Use the right brush. It might seem like extra expense but you only buy them once then clean them on face wash or shampoo then dry to keep them perfect for year after year.
  • Use the sales assistants! I never buy a product without trying it first. I had a Saturday job on the Lancome counter as a teen and know first hand they are dying for someone not to just run away from them. Doing a mini-make-over passes the time and I often then don’t buy there and then – particularly if I want to see how the product wears. A polite ‘Great, Thank you; I’ll see how it wears and pop back later.’ is absolutely fine so don’t feel pressured to buy. It’ll definitely save you money in the long run.
  • Although I’d normally be saying that if you use adequate sunscreen your skin tone won’t change much with the seasons, the fact is it can, so make sure you’re not using a too pale one in summer or a too dark one in winter. It just highlights the bits you’re trying to conceal and that is one of the bonuses to blending with the secret camouflage palette above.

So those are my recommendations for all of your concealing needs. Please do let me know if you rate any of these or if you’ve found a star product I should be trying 🙂 I’d love to hear as usual!


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19 thoughts on “Florence’s Favourite: Concealers

  1. It is Bobby Brown all the way for me…
    They do the same thing as the Laura Mercier pot you posted, it’s a corrector, then concealer, then a setting powder…perfect for under eyes!
    I used to wear all different brands and just buy anything from any one if I liked the look of it but I started using BB 18months ago and haven’t bought anything from anyone else since….
    L xoxo

  2. I tried the highly rated YSL Touche Eclat for a bit, seduced by its gorgeous packaging, but I couldn’t get on with it so do you know what I use? Rimmel!!

    Maybe the time is coming to upgrade!!

    By the way, I raved about you on my Facebook page, so I hope you’ll get some new traffic coming your way. I LOVE your blog!


  3. Not tried either of these – and like you Rebecca, I do tend to stick to what I know make up wise.

    I’ve been using erase paste by Benefit for quite a while now, and whilst it’s pretty good, I think I fancy a change. The smashbox option above looks really good… and like I need an excuse to go to Sephora next time I’m in the States 😉


  4. Secret Camouflage plus the brush – I don’t even bother with the setting powder. One of those two-tone SC’s lasts me a year. The brush IS worth it – although sometimes I’m naughty and just use my fingers if I’m in a rush – but the brush just makes spots melt away. I’m in the middle of the worst skin I’ve ever had in my life at the moment (it is MISERABLE) and this stuff is working triple time for me.

    If you’re going to use it under your eyes, you need to apply eye cream first, as it’s quite dry.

  5. More posts like this please!! Can we hear about your many-layered “flawless-but-not-caked-on” base layer too please? Always appreciate a good makeup post!

  6. I agree entirely with you LM recommendations Rebecca. I have had the pot for a good while now but only recently started using the powder. I am so glad I did, I now use it all over my face. The particles are so fine they create the most perfect finish over my base. I have also used the tinted moisturisers from LM. The oil free one is my favourite. It is a very good quality brand and the products last a long time.

  7. top tips! I love Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector – seems to soft focus away the trouble areas. I have tried loads of under eye concealers and find nearly all of them far too dry and ‘creasy’ – went back to my Body Shop staple which I have found to be the best, beating much more expensive ones. Will give the magic pot a try. Popped over via Modern Country Style blog.

  8. I’m another LM undercover pot fan! So light, easy to apply and generally lasts well. I might have actually started using it after a review you did a long time ago Rebecca!

    p.s. how amazing is Sepora? I honestly think I could live in any of the shops!

  9. Ooh the smashbox option looks brilliant. I have estee lauder double wear concealer which is a nice texture and does the job for me although is quite matt.

    Has anyone tried the new B.B creams – what do they think? x

    • Rebecca and I have both tried the Garnier one and liked it (although the scent, while not unpleasant, is quite strong) but I have also been wearing the Boots no7 one in the black tube and I’ve been getting so many compliments, even though I bought it just to have at work as a standby on a day when I left the house without doing makeup! I am keen to try the estee lauder one too…. xxx

    • Hey Rachie,

      As Gem says, I use the Garnier BB cream daily at them moment… Tried it out in an effort to save paying for the LM one and whilst I find the smell really ott (almost headache inducing) it does a great job. Definitely worth a try if you’re trying to save the pennies.


  10. Love the beauty/make-up posts Rebecca!

    My make-up artist used Laura Mercier on my wedding day and I haven’t looked back since. I especially love the tinted moisturiser and the secret camouflage. It’s pricey but well worth it!!


  11. Rachie-I’d also love to know what people think of the new B.B. creams-some people I know have raved about them  and others have hated them 

  12. One word -MAC. 

    Even nowadays I find most companies don’t do a decent range for darker skin (though it is better than when I was a teen). Of those that do MAC is miles and away the best (believe it or not second best is The Body Shop!!!) I don’t wear any makeup much but do swear by MAC Studio Finish concealer and Mineralize foundation for bad days and big dos!! 

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