Florence’s Favourite: Blush

Clockwise from top left: Chanel Joues Contrast and Irreelle Blush, Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, Benefit Dallas, Nars blush, Bourjois little round pot blush and Bare Minerals blush

If you asked me what my desert island beauty item would be (yes ladies, get your thinking caps on, I’ll be asking for yours in a minute!) it’s an easy choice for me. I have friends who won’t leave the house without mascara, but my downfall is my skin tone, being a completely monochrome, not terribly attractive yellow tone. If I’m tired, if my skin isn’t good, if I’m rushing out… the one thing I’ll never leave behind is a blusher. It perks up my face, makes me look happier, healthier and generally less scary! 😉

Benefit Dallas – gives me a bit of a winter tan if I’m feeling pale! The Benefit blush I love as a cheaper peachy gold summer alternative to the Nars shade below…

Nars ‘Orgasm’ – the holy grail of blushers. A peachy, sexy flush, that I prefer in summer but works year-round. Bare Minerals, best used with mineral make up bases in ‘flowers’.

As a result of this, I have a vast collection of different blusher shades. Admittedly, I wear different shades all through the year, pure bright pinks in the winter when my skin is paler then as I pick up a slight bit of colour in summer, I move onto peaches with golden tones.

Back right, the Bobbi Brown Pot rouge in ‘powder pink’ – a cream blush that I apply with a foundation brush or dab with my finger tips – a little goes a long way!

My most recent find has been neutral-ish dusty pink which seems to work every single day. I tend to vary my makeup choices according to my mood and occasion, and if you’re playing up your eyes or lips, the last thing you want is to come out looking like a clown with bright rosy cheeks too. This neutral shade has been a godsend for pairing with just about every make-up look I can conjure up.

So, tell me readers, what’s your dessert island beauty item? One choice only!


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20 thoughts on “Florence’s Favourite: Blush

  1. Well before I go to my dessert island I’m going to invent a double ended make up stick. Blusher on one end and concealer on the other. Little bit like a Swiss army knife but with make up. I just can’t do without either item. Cheating I know ; )

  2. I have to agree on the blusher, one quick sweep seems to hide a multitude of sins. I am a total Nars Orgasm devotee, there is something so flattering about the pinky-gold shade and it lasts all day (unlike some other brands) 🙂

  3. My current favourite is a concealer pen from By Terry called Touche Veloutee, its amazing I’m telling you. It covers a multitude of skin sins, really works and you don’t even need to wear foundation with it.


  4. It’s a hard decision between eyeliner and mascara… but I think mascara has the edge for me!!

    I have the Nars ‘Orgasm’ blush – I love the sheen that it gives to the cheeks.


  5. Im going to be greedy! I need 2 – mascara & blush, being fair skinned without both I get the normal questions “oh have you been crying” no mascara! “you look a bit peaky, are your feeling OK?!” no blush! 🙂

  6. I would say mascara however a lifesaver for me has been eyelash extensions. Initially just for the wedding, they are addictive and I can’t imagine going without! My eyelashes are so fair that without mascara I look like I literally have no eyes!! I spent a fortune on mascaras for ages but as lazy as it sounds I hate the removing part as I often would only wear that day to day.

    Now I can just get up and go without putting anything on. I am lucky that my skin is clear nearly all the time and I don’t seem to notice if I don’t wear blusher that I look that different. So not having to put on mascara and take it off at night is fab!

    Another bonus is that to do a quick get ready to go out swap all I need is a slick of lippy and a sweep of blush and I look done up! They really make your eyes pop and I get loads of really good comments on them.


    Little side note, I have just purchased an awesome lipstick called girl about town from MAC. Bright pink colour pop but which I initially wondered if it would work with me being pale-ish. But love it!!! x

  7. well, on a good skin day (not often) I would pick my Urban Decay eyebrow powder/wax kit. I’ve been defining my eyebrows since I was about 13, so I look just plain odd without it.

    On a bad skin day (most days) I would pick concealer. However, one could make the assumption that a dessert island would have reasonably good weather and so would sort my terrible complexion out a bit, so on reflection I would say that the eyebrow powder would be my dessert island item!

    I love this post – we have this discussion on most girlie nights in resulting in lots of “REEEEally”s and “Noooooooo”s…. good job we know each other so well, otherwise it could almost get offensive!

  8. I tend to go for bronzer over blusher – it just seems to suit my skin tone more. But before leaving the house its got to be foundation! Started using Rimmel Wake Me Up recently and it’s quite sheer with a dewy finish that’s not too heavy for summer. And it’s cheap!

  9. Got to be mascara for me i have no eyes otherwise!

    I would love to say bronzer but i’ve never got my head around contouring and how to use it properly – in fact this lunch time i’m going to search for a tutorial!

  10. My go-to blusher for every day is Clinique Bashful Blush. It’s a dusky pink powder blush and therefore natural – you don’t blush peach.

    However I also love cream blushers, I’m an Illamasqua devotee and wear Dixie (pink) or Rude (peach) whenever I fancy looking a bit more made up.

    It’s not technically a blusher but the Bobbi Brown Rose shimmer brick is a lifesaver for those with pale skin. And I’ve never met anyone of any skin tone who doesn’t look good in Urban Decay powder blush in Quickie. It looks a terrifying neon pink in my pot but it brushes on a dream.

    And my desert island beauty bring? I’m with Victoria on the sun clearing up my skin, (I’m assuming this island is not in the Gulf stream) so I’m gonig for the Illamasua cream blushes I mentioned above. They are versatile – I use them as blusher, highlighter and lipgloss.

    Love a blusher debate!

    • Interesting point about flushing peach! I have to say after realising how unnatural some ‘pops of pink’ look on the cheeks, I certainly have toned my colours down. But I do think ones skin tone affects the colour that it suits. I am very non-rosy if that makes sense and although I get pink cheeks in the cold/winter (hence the pink I wear in colder months) I never blush and my skin is much more olive toned in summer. So peach is much better for me then.

      I will be eternally envious of those who have natural flush to their cheeks (my sister for example!!)

  11. I have to say liquid eyeliner. I have huge eyes and look a little bit like an alien if I don’t draw them in a bit – it’s so unattractive!

  12. Okay mine would be mascara as i have very fair eyelashes and look awful without it!! However if i was on a desert island and had my eyelashes tinted beforehand!! 😉 It would blusher! Also have Nars Super Orgasm at the mo which has gold specks in x

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