Florence’s Christmas Gift Guide #1

Ok ladies, without wishing to strike the fear of God (or Christmas Shopping) into you all, it’s 5 and a half weeks to Christmas and that means it’s time to turn our attention to gifts.

I’ve been purposely putting off gift guides not wanting to engage in starting the ‘Christmas Fear’ too early this year but you know what, I haven’t bought a single present yet so this is as much a guide for me as you!

I know as I’ve got older (read ‘busier with more presents to buy’) Christmas shopping has become less of an enjoyable thing to do and more a chore to tick off. Of course there are still people I love shopping for, but many of my friends and family are so darn difficult it just becomes an added stress and pressure. The idea of these guides is that you get to find some little gems that perhaps your friends won’t have seen before and as a result you get bonus gift-buying points! They’re all available online too to make life even easier. 🙂

I’m starting with an easy one… finds for beauty queens and some retro style gifts.

  • I always try and get something limited edition for friends who are addicted to make up and it’s always such a treat to recieve so goes down well with any woman in your life. I love this Laura Mercier Face Illuminator (Limited edition) – Rose Rendezvous £31
  • Wipe clean make-up bags are an essential for travelling and organisation but not often as pretty as this Key-Per Triple Pouch, from Fossil – £35
  • New make-up brushes are always good for a beauty queen and this set from Marks and Spencers covers all the basics for a bargain £15. Try Mac for more specialist shapes.
  • We all have lots of basics in our make-up bag but sometimes don’t splash out on the real McCoy when we’re on a budget. Why not upgrade your friends trusty essentials to the top of the range brands? For the last word in lash curling get the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers or for brows, these Tweezerman for Benefit slant tweezers.
  • Got a friend who always has perfect nails? Update her nail wardrobe with the Nails Inc Heavy Metals collection – bang on trend metallics for party nails – £25
  • Everyone knows someone who’s addicted to lipgloss and this set has a good range of wearable colours in a cute gift box. Ticket to Glossy Town, Benefit – £19.50

Have you spotted something here that you know someone will love or are you cheating and compiling your own Christmas list?

Is there something you would like to see Florence’s gift guide cover to help your Christmas shopping? Drop me a comment below and I’ll see what I can do!


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20 thoughts on “Florence’s Christmas Gift Guide #1

  1. The LM Face Illuminator will bec perfect for a dear friend. Already a big fan of gifting Chanel lipstick or varnish.
    Maybe a post on good online companies & then other people can add their favourites so we can all share the shopping love.

  2. Louise got there first, but ideas for men would be great. Most places I’ve looked at online seem to have the same standard things, so would be nice to see something a bit different.

    Loving the Nails Inc polish collection – immediately made me think of one of my friends, so that’s one ticked off the Christmas list 🙂

  3. Ok, first of all – 5 and a half WEEKS??!! Whhhaaatt??!! I’d definitely love a brother/brother-in-law/uncle/step-dad gift buying guide – you know, the men in your life who you want to let know that you care for them, but you don’t know what they would really like.

    I love buying my friends nice nail varnish and limited edition make-up – something they would never buy for themselves but you know would make them look amazing. xx

  4. I agree with the ladies above about gift buying for men -the fellas in my life usually end up with either a bottle of wine or a book! I rarely have a problem buying for girls, my favourite online shopping sites for female friends are NotOnTheHighStreet.com, coxandcox.co.uk, WhiteStuff.com and, of course, the Accessorize website!

  5. Morning!

    Gah! I knew you would all ask about gifts for men. Of course I was going to cover it anyway but… I’m quaking in my little gift buying boots about finding something original!

    Glad you’re loving the finds 🙂


  6. Loving the gift suggestions….’cept I want most of them for me!! Especially the lipgloss and the petticoat 😀

    More posts like this please Rebecca! And a gift guide for men would be ace. I have no ideas at all for guys this year, recently I have been going down something to do route (like a concert ticket, wine tasting dinner etc.) but I’d love some ideas from the wonderful FF xx

  7. Great inspiration here Rebecca, and I have to admit that I’m still loving the Bobbi Brown post that you did a while back, and one of those sets promptly went on my Christmas wish list!

    For once this year, I’m fairly organised… and have almost finished my present shopping – just dad and Mr P left to buy for… why oh why are men so difficult?!


  8. Men ARE so difficult to buy for! I sorted my dad out about five years ago and now every year I just re-new his subscription to New Scientist for him. He loves it and it’s nice and simple. My uncle, my brother, father-in-law and grandfather are MUCH harder to buy for…. have a few ideas but any more hints would be helpful!

    However I’m feeling quite smug, aside from the above I’m completely done. Plan to wrap next weekend and then put my feet up for December,,,, as if! 🙂

  9. I thoroughly recommend the Heavy Metals set by Nails Inc. I wore the metallic blue last week and it went down a storm – it’s not brash, but a subdued grey-blue metallic that goes with everything. Even a bright red dress.

    If you’ve got any friends coming over for Christmas from the States, then the limited edition makeup sets on http://www.sephora.com are incredible. Nars, Laura Mercier, OPI, Benefit, the list goes on.

    Men are so hard to buy for – you often need to strike the “fun yet useful” balance. One of the best presents I ever got Mr K was sheepskin slippers from http://www.justsheepskin.com. Practical, but luxurious and comfortable, he hasn’t taken them off all year.

  10. Love the list Rebecca – esecially that petticoat! BEAUTIFUL!

    Victoria – magazin esupscriptions are a fantastic gift in my opinion, get the national geographic for my mum each year and it goes down a treat!

    Would love to se more posts like this please! xx

  11. Excellent post Rebecca. Every year I promise myself I will be organised and start sorting presents and buying online way before Christmas. And every year I’m rushing around in a mad panic days before the big day trying to get the last one bought. Maybe this year will be different! We shall see….
    Echo all the above comments about ideas for men. My Dad and Fiance are so difficult to buy for! xx

  12. I started my Christmas shopping a week ago and picked up that very same Benefit gloss set for my brother’s girlfiend! I have to admit though that I rely alot on gift cards..i think i need to be more adventurous this year! And dont get me started on men’s gifts! I always seem to buy socks/scarfs/grooming products. Hmm.

    Great post Rebecca, im really loving Florence Finds.


  13. I like those fossil make up bags and I was only looking at those orla kiely mugs yesterday! I so want them!!

    Dads and boyfriend guide would be extremely welcome! xx

  14. I’m with Roz, i’ve gone through that list and thought ‘i want that…and that…and that’ – the petticoat is beautiful though i’m def checking that out. Agree with everyone else a gift buying guide for men will be muchos appreciated!xx

  15. Another vote for presents for the boys here!

    For the last few years I’ve got my parents a collective present – a hamper which I put together from a number of sources and this year will include a cheese slate and a bottle of wine my dad likes.

    My husband has an Amazon wishlist which he encourages everyone to buy from and we also talk to each other about what we want. We don’t do birthday gifts so can indulgue each other a little. This year, stocking aside, I’m getting him four lovely white shirts from a posh shirt shop in London – he hasn’t bought a new one since I’ve known hime in over 6 years and he loved the new one he had for our wedding.

    His stocking will include socks (m&s’s best), moisturiser and a coffee spoon that has “I don’t do mornings” stamped on it (from Etsy – Goozebury Hill, who are based in Wales, UK) .

  16. OMG I want EVERYTHING on that list!! (pretty please!)
    Also I’ve got a bag with that Cath Kidston design and I love it…. just wondering if a bag and matching scarf would be a bit too much….

    Fab post Rebecca, I echo the request for a gift guide for husbands/dads/brothers etc though sounds like you already suspected that was coming! xxx

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