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Reading has always been a great love of mine, but like for so many people, life kinda gets in the way sometimes. My highest rate of reading since my childhood when I used to devour the classics on a daily basis, has to have been during my A-level studies in English Literature. Without a doubt I attribute that to the constant stimulation and recommendations of those literary types around me.

Some of my favourites from that period include:

Right now, I’m trying to read One Day, so I can join in with all the hype and go see the film. I don’t want to restrict myself to current or popular fiction however, revisiting some of the classics would be welcome relief.

In all of this I really need a kind of mentor and as with all things that I’m no expert on (more on this coming soon!) I’m going to ask a series of guest bloggers to submit a book for Florence’s book club. Forging the way and being our regular guest blogger will be Joan Hunter Dunn of Flowers and Stripes who will guide us bi-monthly through some choice titles. Every other month we’ll hear from friends of Florence, firstly starting with some blogging buddies of mine and then hopefully building up to some reader submissions.

The way it will work is that the book title for that 2 month period will be announced at the end of the blog post from the last or closing book. You then have 2 months to read the book. The idea of having monthly posts but a 2 monthly time period for each is that you can choose to skip a month if you’re busy or simply don’t fancy the book, but don’t have to wait a full 2 months before having a new suggestion.

*Two totally different love stories…

What I’m hoping to achieve is to make myself read more and gain inspiration for good reading matter from people who know more about it that me! Of course we can all go to a bookshop or the library and make our own choices but if you like to discuss books, the leading characters or era, I hope that we can all enjoy the discussion that comes along with the close of the book!

To start off, while Mrs Hunter Dunn is preparing her first choice, I’m going to be joining in with her in following a read along of Jane Austen‘s Persuasion starting this week.

Feel free to drop me an email on hello@florencefinds.com if you have an idea or would like to lead a book club post in the future – I’d love to hear from you!

Happy reading


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3 thoughts on “Florence’s Book Club…

  1. I recently downloaded One Day to my Kindle, along with 5 other books but will make that one top of the list after I finish Caitlin Moran’s How to be a Woman!

    For good recommendations try Goodreads.com, I love it! It lets you list all the books you’ve read and want to read, rate them and write reviews. It then gives you recommendations based on your ratings, I’m dying to find some friends on there to link up with!

    My ‘to read’ list is here if anyone wants to add me as a book friend? 🙂 x

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