Five on Friday…

Since the house is kind of getting there (i.e. the builder is more outside than inside now…) I’m thinking about the best methods of cleaning. Microfiber and e-cloths were a revelation for me in the fight against dust and dirt so I love posts like this one from Real Simple on the best cleaning supplies.

Do you smile then apply your blusher? I do, but wondered if that look was getting dated (after all, I’ve been doing it for at least 10 years!) so this post on how to apply your blusher perfectly was well timed.

Dana from one of my favourite interiors blogs House Tweaking is giving a whole house tour right now. She is working on an epic renovation and I love her style, so head on over for some serious interiors porn.

This weekend we are decorating the nursery and in an about turn after this moodboard, we’re going (surprise surprise, ) grey with this stunning paper. Check out their Ostrich paper too for a healthy dose of quirk that would look great in a bathroom or bedroom.

As this is the first proper weekend Pete and I have to ourselves with the new kitchen in, I’m planning on making the most of it and cooking a weekend breakfast. Pancakes are top of the list and I might try this recipe from Jamie Oliver’s protege, Anna Jones (she was one of the first trainees at Fifteen,) and her book is on modern veggie recipes – A Modern Way to Eat, check it out… (and the recipe here.)

Happy Friday readers,


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5 thoughts on “Five on Friday…

  1. I’m in spasms of jealousy over that wallpaper right now. Hashtag #safarinurserytheme. We’re just making do with some Sharon Montrose prints and a family of giraffes we bought back from a Namibian Village. Renting SUCKS.

    Enjoy the kitchen. We’re going to need photos looking OUT too.

  2. Dammit Rebecca, I’m now fully into wallpaper! Your nursery will be so beautiful, and I love the gender neutral scheme- went into Toys r us for pressies for some littles, had feminist meltdown and ran away! Can’t wait to see more of your beautiful home and looking forward to meeting it’s newest occupant (not as much as you are though I imagine!) xx

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