First Time Mum: Changing bags

Hurrah! Becky is back with more of her fascinating insights to being a first time mum. I know that lots of new mums don’t want to lose their style identity along with their sleep when a new arrival comes along, so finding the perfect changing bag that is both functional and fashionable can be a difficult task. Thankfully Becky has done the leg work for you and shares her finds today…

During the later stages of my pregnancy, the piece of kit I was most looking forward to purchasing was a changing bag. After all, having a baby is a genuinely valid excuse to purchase a new bag.

The bag had to fulfil 3 criteria:
1. My taste
2. Less importantly, but a definite consideration was my husband’s taste, and
3. It had to be practical to take everywhere, every day.

Here’s a roundup of my favourites…..

1. Ashley, coral // 2. Elizabeth, leather // 3. Tania Bee // 4. Firenze // 5. Coromandel // 6. Isabella, leather // 7. Amanda Quilted // 8. Satchel

When my husband and I couldn’t agree on a ‘purpose built’ bag within our budget, I widened my search to create our own changing bag. I’d been given a separate changing mat and put the nappy change essentials into a washbag which could be thrown into any of my existing large handbags. Then I treated myself to a new bag in the sales and we bought my husband this.

Bottle warmer and matching changing mat, BabyMel // Jonathan Adler for Skip Hop changing mat // Kissing stags toiletry bag>/span>

Both bags sit packed and ready to go in the hallway. We just transfer the mat and washbag into whichever bag we’re taking out. I can’t say that accessorising my outfit is back on my radar yet but I’m sure with time it will be, and I’ll be pleased to be able to swap and change the bag with my mood and outfit.

One last thing… a tip I was given was to join the Boots parenting club. You get more advantage card points when you buy baby items (nappies, cotton wool etc. all included) and you get a free changing bag for joining. The bag itself isn’t great, but it includes a really large and lightweight changing mat which you can stuff into any bag or take away with you on holiday.

So readers, do you have a favourite changing bag? Any tips for choosing the right one? Or what are your essential or unusual changing bag contents?

Much love,

Becky x

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16 thoughts on “First Time Mum: Changing bags

  1. Perfect timing as we’re just beginning to think about this. I think our way will be to have two changing bags, so glad to know others do that. I have just bought, in an Orla Kiely sample sale, a very small cross over bag to put money, keys & phone in as I can see myself absentmindedly leaving the changing bag by the pram for all & sundry to peek in.

  2. I love the skip hop bits and pieces. I went for a pacapod, I don’t love it but the pods are really useful in keeping everything together making transfer easy. My daughter is seven weeks now and I’ve started using the sling a lot to take her out and have discovered a rucksack to be a lot more practical for this. When using the buggy the pacapod is great as just hooks on the handle bar. I really struggled to decide on a change bag so great post!

  3. I had a skiphop first, which i loved especially the built in buggy clips! I tried a pacapod and hated it, practically its a nightmare getting to anything on the move. I’ve got a storksak now and i love it, so roomy plenty of integral and external pockets and stylish enough to look like a handbag, I’ve never had so many compliments on a bag ever!

  4. Definitely get a Boots bag as it is great to hang off the pushchair in all weathers! I got a nice bag but I’ve hardly used it as I often walk in damp weather round and round the park to help the baby sleep! Bring on spring and summer…

  5. We bought a cath kidston one, I like the pattern and Tom isnt the sort to care about carrying a ‘girly’ bag. It’s made of wipe cleanable fabric inside and out, comes with a change mat, flannel, bottle insulator and a zippable compartment for dirty nappies (we’re using reusables) and soiled clothes. Best of all it was only £40 in the sale and I had gift vouchers so I got it for free! One more tick on the list of essentials to buy before baby arrives.

  6. I have #2 by Storksak & I love it!! Get so many lovely comments about it & people don’t realise it’s a baby changing bag! It is expensive but I’m using it as a work bag as well & it was a gift from my brother as a combined baby/graduation present.

  7. I was looking forward to choosing a change bag too but was disappointed by the range (and the price of them!) to be honest. Some of them were so twee that I couldn’t bring myself to give them a try. You seem to have found a particularly classy selection Becky, so well done!

    I ended up buying a fabric BabyMel one which was fine but nothing special. If I had my time again I wouldn’t buy a fabric one though. I tended to hang the bag off the handles of the buggy and found through bitter experience that the bag and its contents (including the nappies – sob) got soaked if it rained. Not good in a baby change related emergency!

    My daughter is a full blown toddler now, so we can get away with going out with a nappy and wipes stuffed in my normal handbag now.

    • I felt exactly the same disappointment Helen, mainly as my budget just wasn’t prepared for how expensive the stylish ones are. They never go on sale either!
      Very good point about fabric bags. I hadn’t thought of that but you’d sort of hope the bag designers would have thought of it for you, in the form of a waterproof lining!

  8. Hey,

    Love the bags!!

    Any chance the prices of things could be displayed (in future)? as I don’t have time to click all the links.

  9. I sooooo wanted an Orla Kiely changing bag but couldn’t justify the cost 🙁 but work did buy me a skip hop which is really good, various pockets / compartments, can clip it to the buggy although I never do and wasn’t too girly so that hubby wasn’t embarrassed to take it around.

    One thing I would say is that the original one that they bought me had an open top which just clicked together with magnets so I ended up swapping it with one that had the flap top as well, what with our weather in good ol Blighty wanting to keep everything dry was a must and I knew that wouldn’t happen with the open one especially if you had lots in it! I now find it’s actually a bit too small now that Isabella is a toddler as I try and cram in not only food for her but toys as well to keep her amused so in hindsight I wish I’d got one slightly bigger but all in all have been very happy with it x

  10. Again, a timely post, Becky!

    I found exactly the same thing when looking for a diaper bag: the floral-y, ‘yummy mummy’ type bags just make me cringe, so I was over the moon to find a military/ safari style satchel from OiOi. My husband loves it too as it’s a bit more robust and gender neutral than the usual offerings! Love the idea of a separate washbag, but I know myself and I know I’d be forgetting all kinds of stuff unless it’s kept it the same place! 😉

  11. I bought a Babymoov bag, which I love, but would not be to everyone’s taste. I expected changing bags to be similarly priced to handbags, but found they were much more expensive. I don’t think the changing accessories justify the price difference.

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