My Month: February 2013

How was your Febuary?


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7 thoughts on “My Month: February 2013

  1. February flied away! I have been busy with a soon not to be secret project which I am very excited about, I had a job interview (but I am not getting my hopes up just yet as the competition is very harsh I know that), we celebrated the arrival of the Snake year (Dim sums at home anyone), which was also an excuse to clean and organize my closet and realize I really needed new shoes, then I discovered all about Lupercalia (*I loved that you dressed as a Roman for that party), we saw friends pretty much every weekend, we started salsa lessons… Looking back it was quite a full month no wonder it felt fast (to be accurate it’s also a short month). I love this recaps and your photos. March will be here tomorrow which means Spring really is around the corner !

  2. Congrats Anna! Would love to hear your South Africa plans, Rebecca – my flight to Jo’Burg departs on Friday night!!! We’re off on a 2 week road trip ending in Cape Town. Jx

  3. I love your stainless steel mixing bowl (with a handle)! Very kitchen chic! Is it something you’ve bought recently?

    I’ve been lusting after that vanilla pear cake after you blogged about it. This weekend might finally be the weekend it gets made!

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