Fashion Friday [Frock]: Philli Wood for Warehouse

Textured dress with cable knit print – Philli Wood for Warehouse

I had a frock all lined up for this Friday but then I got the press release through for this collaboration between Philli Wood and Warehouse in association with the British Fashion Council’s Colleges. Winner of The British Fashion Council’s Colleges Council design competition, ‘Philli’s collection is inspired by the oversized modern parka, keeping key features such as the welt pockets, drawstrings and orange linings, and a bold cable knit print; all in a techno palette of neon orange and pink.’ As they happen to me some of my own favourite details and colours, I couldn’t help but share them here today.

The collection goes live this morning and you can get in there first here.

Happy friday readers!


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3 thoughts on “Fashion Friday [Frock]: Philli Wood for Warehouse

  1. I love the dress at the top. It’s the sort of style I look at longingly hoping it will one day suit me, but until I sprout a few inches that’s not going to happen. Love the collection!

  2. Oh gosh, clicked on the link and although that hot pink cropped jumper is beautiful I do remember having a v similar one when I was 16… Am clearly getting old if things are coming back around!

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