Fash Flash [Basics]: Little April Showers…

This week the weather has turned on us and we’re all left reaching for the coats and boots all over again. I refuse to listen to the people who are saying how bizarre this weather is though, many of my memories of late snowfall have been freakishly cold snaps in April and of course the traditional weather right now is April showers and sunny spells in-between. It’s enough to leave a girl unsure as to whether she’s coming or going, and when it comes to planning your outfits, it’s all about layering.

One eternally chic wardrobe staple however is the mac, perfect for spring showers and something every girl should have in her wardrobe. It’s an investment so don’t be afraid to spend some money, or if you prefer to wear your clothes to death consider looking for washable fabrics you can throw in to the machine. Here’s my edit of where to snap up a mac for spring.

  1. Black trimmed mac – MANGO £79.99
  2. Hobbs NW3 Wentworth Trench £189.
  3. Double breasted (short) trench, MANGO £49.99 (also available in navy and red)
  4. Cream raincoat, Oasis£48
  5. Full skirted navy trench, OasisNow £50 (from £80)
  6. Cotton trench coat, Burberry Brit at My-Wardrobe.com £595

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop to try a few different styles, or want something a little more fashion forward, Zara comes up trumps again. The generous collars are very high-fashion and there are plenty of clever details like leather trims and swing backs if you don’t need a belt.

Of course, I can’t resist a splash of colour and there is simply nothing better on a rainy day than a pop of bright colour to cheer you up. All of these Macs are from ASOS and I’d go for any of them in a heart beat, but I’m really coveting the yellow 🙂

Yellow plastic rainmac – £40 ASOS, red rain mac – £199 Lacoste, green pleated swing mac, £50 ASOS

Spotted anything you like here then ladies?

Here’s to staying stylish despite the English weather…


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9 thoughts on “Fash Flash [Basics]: Little April Showers…

  1. I splashed out (geddit?) on a dark forest green mac a couple of years ago, and it’s looking a little tired now, but what I’m going to do is change the buttons and take it to a good dry cleaner. that’s the thing about macs – they last forever if you look after them! I love the navy oasis one too xx

    • yeah I have thought about dying it!! Great minds, I have literally just ordered dye to re-juvenate a pair of my j-brand jeans that still fit perfectly and are still in good nick but need more uniform colour. And I’ve picked very cool horn textured buttons, the old ones were green 🙂 ps it’s horrible weather in London x

  2. As per usual I like number 6 the most expensive one! The boy is always amazed that I pick the most expensive version of stuff 😀

    I do love coats, from big cozy winter ones to the bright macs you have here but I always have the same issue…my freakishly long arms(!) usually ruin my love affair. Very few places do a good range of coats and jackets in their tall ranges grrrr! Xx

  3. I actually pinned that yellow rain mac a little while ago, but then I couldn’t decide whether it was a bit fisherman-y?? Maybe I should just embrace that, though…!

    I am in the market for a spring jacket and have absolutely loved my navy duffle coat this winter, so maybe I should stick with the classics and go for a beige trench. Those Zara ones are just the right blend of trendy and timeless.

    Hmm, decisions decisions! Damn you Florence and your tempting ways!

  4. Ooh could be v tempted by that Mango short mac in navy… (I am useless with pale colours, they always end up smeared with grime…)

  5. I went straight for the Burberry one too, then saw the price – ouch!! Have seen those Zara ones in store too, and they are lovely (and more purse friendly!)

    PS can anyone tell me how to get one of those picture thingys next to my name when I post please? I’m hopeless with computers!

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