Driving me crackers…

Sorry. Festive pun. But I’m not sorry…

If I didn’t laugh right now I would cry, things are so unfinished in the house. I think a few people who have heard me say this have wrongly assumed it was a need for perfection that was stressing me out pre-Christmas, but in fact it’s a need for safety – we have children visiting and wires, boxes and heavy/breakable items (granite hearth propped up against a wall anyone?) everywhere wasn’t my idea of a relaxing Christmas for me, or I imagine their parents! We are so close to having the lounge finished but there will then be a gargantuan effort to tidy/clean in time for relatives arriving on Christmas eve. Then I might just curl up in a corner with Bea and let everyone get on with it!

Photography: Jemma Watts // Styling: Laura Sawyer // Styling assistant: Rosanna Johnson

Getting back to that pun… This year I decided it might be nice to DIY some crackers (because I have so much free time…) and I’m persisting with the idea dispute the chaos as it’s turning out to be keeping me sane whilst I’m stuck in with tradesmen, trawling the internet for little gifts and ideas. I was fully braced to completely DIY them after seeing a DIY featured in 91 magazine (the latest issue is out now!) and so I asked Caroline to share the stylists tips here…

Cracker Snap pulls were sourced from Ebay at £5.99, and you’ll need some toilet paper tubes. The stylist stuck a snap pull to the inside of a tube, filled the tube with presents, then wrapped the whole thing up in beautiful wrapping paper from Paperchase, and tied it off at the ends with ribbon from John Lewis.

How easy does that sound? Unfortunately in my disorganised state I hadn’t pre-collected the necessary loo-rolls and didn’t have time for snaps to arrive so I ended up with a DIY kit from M&S but I’m still happy filling them. I love that if you make your own you can label them for each individual person and gift accordingly, as well as tying them in with your table decor scheme. I’m planning on activities to keep the kids busy at the table, chocolate and treats for the ladies, with possibly a lottery ticket or something for the men. Crackers are always full of rubbish anyway, so why not fill them with stuff your family and friends will love and even tweak the jokes or motto’s into dinner games for between the courses?

Makes sure you check out the new issue of 91 magazine (there are some really great interiors and printables for Christmas in this issue,) and thanks to Caroline for sharing the crackers!


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4 thoughts on “Driving me crackers…

  1. I’ve made my own crackers too! I agree with you about personalising them. I’ve put a miniature of everyone’s favourite tipple and a scratch card in their cracker. Think I’ll have to give a warning before we have the chaos of pulling them and bottles of booze flying everywhere!
    Have a wonderful family Christmas! Xxx

  2. I feel your DIY pain. For me it’s the entire upstairs of my house that’s upside down! (I can’t imagine having the living room and baby to deal with). I fully sympathise. I’m reading this on my way home to start the deep clean and crack open the mince pies!

    Love the crackers!

    Have a super Christmas. Thanks for another fab year of posts. X

  3. I’ve made my own crackers this year too. I bought a kit from good old Wilko’s. I’ve put lottery scratch cards in mine (mother-in-law) puts one under our plate chargers every year so it’s a nod to that.
    Hope you get the house sorted. Have a wonderful Christmas, it will be very special for you regardless of how the house looks. 🙂

  4. My husband and I have had a tradition of giving each other little presents in the fill your own cracker kits for several years. It’s great fun but each year it gets more difficult to find things which will fit that we’ve not done before.

    Hope the house gets sorted enough in time. Sounds like a nightmare! Xx

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