Dream Destination… Palm Springs

So is anyone else with me when I say I am really not loving the whole back to work thing this week? Four day weekends are not good for me!

This weekend Pete and I spent a lot of time planning. Planning our next holiday that is. Some of you may know about my love of American holidays, so much so that we spent our honeymoon travelling California from San Francisco to Napa then back down the breathtaking Pacific Coast highway to Santa Monica, Los Angeles. We always regretted that we didn’t make it to Yosemite National Park with its awe inspiring scenery so that’s our intention this time. This weekend was spent trying to narrow down the route and there was a significant destination casualty due to sheer distance, one where I had already found 2 fabulous hotels that I am desperate to stay in, so I decided to share them with you all here in the hope that one of you will get to enjoy them before I finally get there!

First up, one that has been doing the rounds in blog land recently and quite rightly described as the Rainbow hotel, actually called The Saguaro Palm Springs.

I guess it’s no surprise that I’d go for a place this colourful, but for me it just looks stunning against the many colours of the desert landscape. I love the desert scenery, the shades of red in the rocks, the dazzling blue sky and the glittering blue pools and those colours just make it pop right out of the photos.

Doesn’t this place just look like the most fun too? I was looking for a destination where we would get guaranteed sunshine and after trekking through National Parks, could look for some glamour and poolside cocktails. I reckon the pool scene at a place like this would be rockin’.

Second up, a hotel I fell in love with when still immersed in the wedding world, The Ace Hotel Palm Springs. Part of a larger group of hotels with locations including New York, Seattle and Portland, each one has a distinctly unique and individual feel. I’m loving the mid-century modern vibe it’s got going on, built on a midcentury modern motel site.

Images credit: Douglas Lyle Thompson

The other side of the dessert-cool coin is that washed out vintage retro look and The Ace appeals to me on so many levels. I love travelling to get inspiration and try out being a different person almost in a different place, drinking in the surroundings. It would literally kill me to choose between these two!

So tell me, have you been lucky enough to visit either of these beauties? Or if this is an exercise in walking your imagination, like it is for me today, then tell me which one gets your vote.


PS Best part about both of these is that when I was pricing them up (for a few weeks time) they were coming in at around $150 a night or less – The Saguaro is doing introductory rates as it’s new.

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24 thoughts on “Dream Destination… Palm Springs

  1. My parents took me to Vegas and Palm Springs when I was 16 so I have no recommendations on night time activities, although I do remember there was a great ice cream parlour where there were more toppings than you could ever possibly try! But I can say that Palm Springs as a whole was very quiet July/August as the Americans think its too hot then and usually only decamp there in the winter. Which is great if you want to avoid crowds not great if you want everything to be open and buzzing with people.

  2. I have just been looking at the Ace hotel in Portland as a potential holiday option! But we’ve decided that wr’re probably not cool enough for it. We don’t have beards or kooky little hats. Back to the drawing board…

    • What takes you to Portland Laura? I’m always reading about it on Design Sponge – seems pretty cool.
      I almost stayed in the ACE in New York but thought it looked a bit stark. Its funy you should mention the cool factor, I almost wrote in this post that I wasnt sure I was cool enough to hang out at Palm Springs ACE either. 😉

      • We’re currently agonising over a holiday and we reeeeally quite fancy America (only been to NY before, figure there’s a lot more to see and do), so Portland was up there (just on the basis of being a bit cool and different), but also Boston and Cape Cod and Memphis are edging ahead now….my comment about coolness sounds a bit flippant on reflection – sorry, it wasn’t meant to! Need to weigh up whether we can really subsidy it which moving to another country and moving jobs though – not even just from a financial viewpoint, but a potential head-mess viewpoint! I’m famously not very good at relaxing, even on ‘holiday’! Palm Springs sounds mega. Jealous!

  3. I am LOVING reading about this trip being planned Rebecca, we’re planning a huge road trip in the USA in 2014 – is it sad that I’ve got a bit of a scrap book going? Love the colour-pop hotel and can totally see you there, co-ordinating your outfits to match!!

    • Not sad, clever and organised!! I plan all my holidays two years, or a few seasons, in advance. Have to have something to look forward to for when you get on the flight home!

      • I too also plan holidays in advice – I usually start planning for the next before going on the most immediate one.

        At the moment we’ve booked a week in Soller, Majorca this year but currently planning our next ski holiday!


        • Katie – where are you staying in Soller? I love it there so much – we almost got married there! Stayed in Esplendido twice and its gorgeous. Definitely try the restaurant there – the food is gorgeous! xx

  4. I know what you mean, we had a mini holiday over the Easter weekend and arrived back at 4am yesterday morning so back to work with a bang yesterday after 3 hours sleep, v depressing I tell thee!

    Has to be the The Ace Hotel! Wow, I want to go there x

  5. I absolutely frikkin’ love Palm Springs and it is completely my intention to retire there so that I can spend my old age tanning and spaing whilst the wingman plays golf all day long. We stopped off in Palm Springs for 3 days during our road trip of 2009 and really loved the town, from the fun bars to the crazy rotating gondola into the snowy mountains from the hot hot desert. As we were on a budget we actually just stayed in a travelodge, but I can honestly say it was the smartest, coolest travelodge I’ve ever stayed in. Hope you manage to visit some day!

  6. Never been to Palm Springs but last year a friend and I did Yosemite as part of a road trip (we did a route slightly similar-ish to your honeymoon Rebecca travelling LA -> Vegas -> Death Valley -> Yosemite -> SF ) and Yosemite was AMAZING. Just the most beautiful place, we didn’t have the time to do it justice (2 days 🙁 ) but that just means more reason to go back right?! (although won’t be for a while -am hoping to do Thailand for this year’s big trip…) I recommend hiring bikes and cycling in Yosemite -better way to cover the ground.

    Oh and Gemma -am LOVING that you’re already planning the 2014 holiday!!

  7. oooo, such a hard (imaginary) decision. I think the rainbow colours edge it for me, but, like the spoilt child that I am, I’ll stamp my feet until I can have both as the retro-ness is uber-cool!

    Rebecca – As per your post script, are you heading to California in a few weeks?!?!?! If so, we may see you there…..

  8. Love this post! It’s gotta be the Ace surely?? 😉

    I’m planning a California trip for Sept this year and am using your RMW honeymoon post Rebecca as inspiration! But maybe you’ve just persuaded me to detour to Yosemite! Do you have any recs for hotels?

    Will be following this post with interest… x

  9. Oooh – spooky! I’m just planning our honeymoon in May/June 2013, most of which will be in California!

    For the California bit am planning Cambria (for wine tasting trip and Hearst Castle), Big Sur and Yosemite. All tips gratefully received. Love Anita’s about cycling in Yosemite.

    We’re also going to go on a cruise ship from the UK to New York to start off with. I’ve just booked it and was terrified at the commitment and money. Now I’m a gibbering wreck having seen that I apparently I will need to wear evening dress on 3 nights, cocktail dress on 2 nights and the
    other 2 I can be “elegant casual” (which means for men that they don’t have to wear a tie)

    I have precisely nothing in my wardrobe that would meet these criteria. Smart for me is a t-shirt and skirt. They say with some emphasis that t-shirts are not allowed after 6pm. And how do you pack one bag with that sort of wardrobe and hiking gear for California? I mean this metaphorically as I don’t think there is an answer – but if anyone has one I will be pathetically grateful.

    • That sounds amazing Amanda, the trip of a life time.

      On the evening wear front I can recommend a London Label called Ghost. They have an outlet store in Hatfield which has loads of gorgeous evening dresses from £40, well worth a look x

      • Ha! Great tip Marlene thank you I’ve seen their stuff in John Lewis and it’s beautiful – but I fear I am too dumpy for Ghost. Or generally anything admittedly!

        • Amanda, Mango has an unusually large selection of evening wear appropriate long dresses that are reasonably priced, or try ASOS? You might even get away with some of them after the event for summer maxi’s… you never know, you might like this dressing up malarkey! 😉

        • The good thing about the outlet store is that because they are such good value (I got a floor sweeping velvet number for £60) you don’t mind paying a bit extra to have the dresses tailored to fit! That’s what I’ve done for my hubby’s 30th birthday this weekend 🙂

          • speaking of ghost, John Lewis are now stocking their range which you can have dyed to order in a whole host of different colours… definitely worth having a look! Also take a look at dresses from COS, because they use a lot of directional fabric and have a ‘sports luxe’ vibe which means their pieces work day and night… xx

  10. Hi guys!

    Argh, posting this has made me so sad we can’t make it down there. It would have been literally 5 hours out of the way off our route and with a massive drive already planned it seemed a shame. however, in future, I plan to do an in and out of LA road trip doing a circle from LA to Santa Monica, Santa Barbara the mountain wine country, Palm Springs, Joshua tree National Park and down the coast to San Diego and maybe even into Mexico. It would make a fab late Autumn or early spring destination for sunshine and warmth 🙂

    I think the Saguaro edges it for me. Love those colours. It’s holding lots of Coachella parties right now and I just don’t think I’m cool enough for the Ace PS 😉

    PS, MUCH more to come on my forthcoming trip 🙂

  11. I did a 17-day California fly/road trip for my 30th landing in San Fran for a few days, flying to Vegas, then flying to LA where we picked up a convertible Mustang (its a given~right?) and took in LA, Santa Monica, Palm Springs and finally ending up in San Diego. I stayed at The Parker in Palm Springs…amazing hotel and highly, highly recommend it although was on the top end budget-wise and our ‘spoil-me’ nights. By the time we reached San Diego (Stayin at The Ivy) we were so exhausted and had seen so much that it was time to just chill, which we did for several days around the La Jolla cove…again amazing place and if you end up visiting there then you have to head to Brockton Villa for the most beautiful views looking out to sea and watching the sunset, we had breakfast lunch and dinner there two days running it was that beautiful.

    I missed out Wine Country and Joshua Tree on my visit as there just wasn’t enough time to fit it all in ~ or room in my suitcase for the different outfits the trip demanded.

    Ooh enjoy lovely. xx

  12. Loved this post as I am a BIG holiday fan! We nearly copied your entire honeymoon itinerary round America it looked so fab but in the end we thought we will need a relaxing honeymoon so plumped for Singapore and Bali.

    The Ace is definitely on my list !! I sooo want to go! And you are cool enough…… 😉 xxx

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