Dream Destination: Jollydays Glamping

This week, my mind just hasn’t been where it should be, and it’s only Tuesday. How I’m going to make it through to Friday heaven only knows, but what we all have to look forward to is the long bank holiday weekend. Yay for three lie-in’s and enjoying the last bit of summer before the September season finally arrives.

No sooner had I realised it was a three day weekend, then I started dreaming of what we could do with it. The first thing that sprung to mind was a trip away and it lead me to thinking that I should share this find with you: Jollydays luxury camping. I love camping, although I am picky about my conditions 😉 I like good weather and for it not to be too cold at night. I like cooking outside and I like staying up late having candlelit conversations with wine. I like stepping right outside from my bed and sniffing the air.

But I also like style, pretending I’m in the middle of some idyllic life where we all move outside for the summer and live off what we find in the woods and buy at the village shops. Am I the only one who thinks about these things?

Of course if you’re a total camping virgin or are slightly groundsheet-phobic I like that Jollydays has another option – the Deluxe Tent and luxury lodge tents with kitchen huts, showers and french windows. I love it.

Jollydays is just outside York towards the North East (see map) and because of the fires, makes a great getaway regardless of season. For more information see their website.

I’d love to hear if any of you have been glamping and if you can recommend anywhere for my first experience!?


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12 thoughts on “Dream Destination: Jollydays Glamping

  1. OMG! That looks amazing. I’m anti-camping, never been, never wanted to, likely never will. Even in my back garden as a child with friends in my dad’s 16-person tent was too much for me… We all crept back inside in the small hours and set up “camp” in the lounge!

    But that…? That looks like something I could get on board with!! 🙂

  2. Ahhh wow this is where we nearly went last year for our friends hen do! Sadly not everyone could fit into two tents so we ended up renting a town house in York instead. But the glamping looked amazing and I am thinking as part of my thirtieth this may well be an option for a smaller close group of my girlfriends if I choose to do something.

    I really would love this, may even consider testing the water with Mr M and see if he would fancy it! I am very much not a camping girl normally, my sister camps all over with her kids and hubby. They went all around Europe with the tent last summer. Just sooo not for me.

    Glamping however….could be just the thing!! xx

  3. Gorgeous cabins – I could definitely stay in one of those! Much more comfy than a tent. Not sure you can really call it ‘camping’ though – you’re basically staying in a cabin/holiday cottage!

  4. I love camping although I’m the same. I need hot running water and proper toilets. No festivals for me thanks.
    I was looking at this site last year for a weekend getaway and would still love to go. It looks wonderful.

  5. I do like a bit of glamping myself – all the best bits about camping plus the comfort of a nice hotel…
    I’ve stayed at a couple of places in the Scottish Borders for a magazine review that I’d really recommend – in wooden European gypsy caravans at Roulotte Retreat, and gorgeous safari tents at Harvest Moon Holidays. The latter was especially wonderful – not least because they have a cosy cupboard bed – and is just a short walk from a stunning, wild stretch of beach.
    I’d also recommend checking out Canopy & Stars as they have some wonderful places to glamp both in the UK and on the Continent.

  6. Another place in Yorkshire is Bivouac http://www.thebivouac.co.uk/ which my friends set up this year. They have luxury yurts but one step up from tents they also have these amazing wooden shacks, with log burners, hot running water and bathrooms. They’ve even got hot tubs you can hire out and a lovely barn cafe. I’d definitely recommend them as on top of that the scenery is stunning.

  7. Funnily enough, I’ve been writing about glamping this morning too. We stayed in a yurt in Botelet, Cornwall, earlier this month and it was amazing. Even better than a tent, to my mind, because it is off the ground and doesn’t feel damp. I would highly highly recommend!

  8. That looks lovely, will make a note of it for future reference.
    Sadly not all of us have 3 lie-ins to look forward to.
    Boo to on-call week & weekend. Will have to get up early on Monday too to go in and check the scans done overnight.

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