DIY Decor Ideas

I’m having a real surge of interest in my home again right now and for times like these, I like to store up snippets of inspiration I have found around the internet for when the urge strikes. I have been accumulating quite a Pinterest board on DIY projects although they range from fashion to interiors to party ideas. Today I thought I would round up a few of my favourite DIY interiors tutorials that might inspire you if you’re using the longer days to tidy up or do a spot of decorating and design projects.

Do let me know if you’re feeling inspired!


PS You can follow me on Pinterest here and if you want to know what all the fuss is about or how you can use Pinterest – check out this tutorial over on Dream. Find. Do. A Bloggers Guide to Pinterest

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4 thoughts on “DIY Decor Ideas

  1. oh dear…. Mr G will not be happy when i come home and tell him i’m changing all our plans for this weekend to “go to Ikea-buy chest-go to B&Q-buy paint/brass corners/handles-spend afternoon painting” he’ll probably be less than impressed!

  2. I’m with you Victoria! I love that set of drawers, I’ve been trawling ebay for a set / 2 small sets of drawers for when baby 2 arrives and now I have decided to attempt this DIY, it will prob cost less and I know its something I will love rather than just settling for.
    Hubby may not feel the same..!

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