Diet Do or Don’t?

Well good afternoon readers! I hope you’re all feeling chatty this afternoon because I’m looking forward to a good catch up. On what you might ask? Well, It’s almost 4 months since the start of the year and my first post on my weight and being comfortable in my own skin. Since then, I’ve been going to British Military fitness usually two, sometimes three times a week, and initially it was all going well. I even got into the jumpsuit for Pete’s birthday. Shortly after that weekend of excess, I went ski-ing and it was game over for the unwanted pounds and since then, I’ve been hovering all over the upper end of my usual weight, going down to 9st 11lbs at one particularly pleasing point, or, back up to 10st 2 or 4lbs (like now).

I have definitely toned up. A few of you have made comments on the blog about my arms (in this dress,) and my stomach is flatter, but I do still feel that there’s a layer of blubber hiding my hard work. The weather this month hasn’t really helped, as I’d normally be out running now, but it’s all I can do to brave the cold for BMF, never mind extra runs. I’ve also got a bit of a problem with my foot at the moment, due to recently diagnosed collapsed arches so they are sore which doesn’t exactly encourage me to pound the pavement. And although I’m often pleased with the outfits that I wear and share with you all via the What-to-Wear posts, it’s definitely not a good thing having to scrutinise yourself on such a regular basis and decide which images are less blubbery looking!

When I wrote that first post I was determined not to diet. I love my food too much, and I hate the social restriction a diet causes – having to turn down dinner out with friends or to go along and not drink because you’re ‘being good’. Of course I also know I’m hardly obese, I’d just like to be able to see the results of my hard work at BMF!

As a medic, the thought of sending my body into a feast or famine panic by restricting my calorific intake terrifies me, as I’ve seen friends and patients with ruined metabolism due to faddy dieting and constant starving themselves. Right now however, with a holiday (and bikini) looming, I feel like I’m going to kick myself if I don’t do something about my extra pounds.

I’ve had more than a passing interest in the Dukan diet recently but I really can’t decide if it’s healthy or not, placing such a protein load on your kidneys and basically inducing a ketotic state to burn fat cells. My sister recently embarked on it for 7 days and lost a hefty 6lbs but admitted it was gruelling and more than a little nauseating at times. I can see the medical reasoning behind it, but I haven’t yet had the time to research any real downsides or risks properly.

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So today, I’m wondering how you guys have done since January. Quite a few of you were looking to lose weight or shift a couple of extra pounds post-Christmas, and some of you were getting in shape for your wedding. I also wondered if any of you had done the Dukan diet or if you had any other tips or tricks to recommend and help me deal with the bikini fear!

Lot of female ‘why do we do this to ourselves?‘ love,

Disclaimer: I do not endorse the Dukan Diet in any way and anyone embarking upon a serious weight loss plan should consult their GP.

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44 thoughts on “Diet Do or Don’t?

  1. I’m a stone lighter than I was in January. Bridal panic and the fear of being fitted in a too expensive dress that will end up being too big. I’m doing it the old fashioned way – a combination of watching what I eat using Weight Watchers knowledge but not counting the points and without going to classes (which I firmly believe is healthy as it measures the saturated fat AND calories) and going to the gym LOADS. I’ve mainly been swimming because I find it tones me the most, as well as being relaxing, and I’ve definately noticed it from my upper arms. I’ve lost a grand total of 2 inches from my waist (which is always the first place it goes from) but only 1/2 an inch from my tummy (damn you hourglass shape). I’m not quite at the cracking nuts bottom stage but I shall be there one day. I’m going to start doing classes at the gym as I never have the sticking power to continue on the treadmill.

    I wouldn’t do the Dukan Diet because, having done the Atkins, I know I can’t maintain the diet and would just get fat again as soon as I stopped. I agree with you that faddy diets just don’t work (and, with Atkins, your breathe pongs). I’d like to lose another stone before next June but think that 1lb a month should just about do the job and isn’t going to cause me too much stress.

  2. I’m 5 foot 3 (and a half!) and have been hovering around the 10 stone mark. I strongly believe weight is a very personal issue and have long battled with myself to just be comfortable in my own skin, but that’s so flipping hard. Is 27 too old to just grow a couple of inches? Then 10 stone wouldn’t be so bad!

    I hate clothes shopping, because inevitably it leads me to feeling the size of a small house. I know I’m not *fat* and I actually quite like my hourglass type figure (although dressing to compliment it at my height without permanent 4 inch heels is a nightmare and don’t even get me started on the 30ff’s), but on days like today I feel downright hideous.

    Sorry, personal rant rather than any diet or health tip! I did try the Dukan Diet once, read the whole book and did all the research. I think I managed about 3 days properly. I just found it hard to manage with work/exercise/social life etc.

    • Goodness, you sound just like me! I am also 5 3(and a half! Very important!) and also hovering between 9 and a half stone and 10 stone (and yep, have 32 ff boobs too!). I lost a stone last year before my wedding by doing weight watchers and working out to fitness DVDs 3 times a week, plus my usual lunch time walks. I felt AMAZING on our wedding day and honeymoon but it’s all just crept back on. It’s only 3 weeks til our first anniversary and I so desperately want to get down to 9 stone 2 or 3 for our anniversary (I was 8 stone 12 on our wedding day), as I feel that is a more sustainable weight for me. But I am REALLY struggling with it, I’m back on weight watchers and I’ve not been nearly as strict with myself and have only lost a few pounds in three months. I haven’t been able to do my DVDs three times a week, and I struggle to find the motivation. It’s so hard, I totally sympathise!

      • Ahhh 8 stone 12 would be flipping wonderful!! Well done you!! I say don’t beat yourself up, at least you’re getting somewhere. As a well known supermarket chain might say, every little helps πŸ™‚
        I don’t have a big event to work up to but if the day comes I might try Weight Watchers or something similar, as so many people have said it works.

        • This is going to sound mental but I’m 5″4, with similarly big boobs,and weigh just over 9 st at the moment. And I’m still not particularly happy with how I look! I think exercise and toning up must be the key though…

  3. Hi Rebecca

    Great post! There’s been quite a bit of controversy surrounding the Dukan Diet recently, so definitely do your research before embarking on it. I’ve lost around 7kgs since the beginning of January mainly through eating “clean and lean, which is the programme and also following Dr Briffa’s “Waist Disposal” (available on Amazon – The latter is aimed primarily at men, but the premise is eating like “cave men” or “paleo” and has worked just as well for me. My Dad followed it as well and has lost 1st.

    I also find HIIT is brilliant for shedding fat quite quickly too.

    Good luck and I’m sure you’ll look lovely in your bikini!

  4. I love this post. It’s a subject that has been close to my heart for a long time, and I am constantly assessing how and where I can do better. The mantra in our office is also “I need to lose a Stone”. In reality, we all knowit’s more difficult than that. I must say that I’ve since found that there is NO motivation like wearing a beautiful white dress for the day for losing weight and toning up. At 5ft 7 my heaviest weight was post an awful break up of an 8 year relationship, aged 27, where I tipped the scales at 12 stone 5. My clothes did not fit and I now know that it used to depress my Mum (who often dress-makes for me) to make me clothes. I know this isn’t REALLY heavy, but it was heavy for me, and I was miserable. Fast forward two years, and I had met my now-husband, was celebrating my 30th in Las Vegas, and the scales were saying 11 stone. FAB. Then on March 5th 2011, as I walked down the aisle in THAT white dress I was 9 stone 12. Like I said, nothing gives you that motivation (I even did my stint of BMF in the local park). Post wedding, and honeymoon, my weight was pretty constant at between 10 stone 4 and 10 stone 7 lbs. To be honest, 10 stone 2 (but ideally 10 stone) is my happy weight, although having had a lot of personal training sessions, and being a bit of a gym bunny, it’s how my body looked in terms of tone that started to matter more. Now, a year or so on from Wedding Day, I am 8 months pregnant, and back to tipping the scales at around 12 stone 5 again, but this time, all for a good cause. Post-baby, I’d love to get back to around 10 stone, but I’m not going to be precious about it. It will take however long it takes. BUT, I do have a deferred London Marathon place to train for in 2013, so hopefully that will be incentive enough. I’ve learnt, in my wise-old age of now 32, that to be happy in your skin is the most important thing. Life is too short, and goes too fast, to be constantly muttering the mantra “I must lose a stone”. I think I need to talk to my colleagues!

  5. I haven’t ever tried to go on any proper diets, I don’t think I’d have the willpower to adhere to anything very rigidly. For the past 5 years I’ve stayed extremely stable in weight, I can’t even say why really. I do have a fairly healthy lifestyle and go to the gym 4 times a week so it’s not effortless! In the past when I have wanted to lost a few pounds I found it easier to cut out one thing – I don’t mean a food group I mean something like the extra cappuccino every day or having dessert at a weekend. It’s not a quick fix as it would probably only equate to 100-200 calories less a day but it’s something that then becomes a habit so I don’t miss it.

    My mum and future mother-in-law have both been on the Dukan in preparation for the wedding (this Sunday!!) and have lost a stone and 2 stone respectively, but I know neither really stuck to it religiously. I think those types of diets are useful for someone who is unhealthily overweight but I’m not sure it’s really aimed at someone who just wants to lose a little bit.

    A body fat monitor is better than weight management as I am a dress size smaller but actually weigh almost 7lbs more than I did a few years ago!

  6. Hi Rebecca,

    I am a student dietitian (just 1 more exam till I am qualified! Whoop!) and in my placement I have seen so many patients who were following the Dukan diet. I haven’t done lots of research but an observation from clinic is that people can’t stick to it and when going into the consolidation phase the weight just piles back on. It is in effect an elimination diet and that isn’t useful long term for weight management. Elimination diets are great for IBS and IBD to figure out patterns but not practical at all for weight loss, especially when what you are cutting out is one of the body’s main sources of energy. You can’t escape that it initially just isn’t a balanced diet, which is what the body actually requires.

    For myself I tend to eat what I want (within reason, sadly a second piece of cake is just more than my body can handle) but look at my portion sizes… the old 2 tablespoons back off the plate trick. Also filling half my plate with veg leaves a lot less room for anything else! πŸ™‚

    And to be honest… you look fab!

    I’m on Mission Bingo Wings at the minute. 1 year till I get married and I want arms like a tennis pro!


    • Good to hear from a professional on this Lynsey! Thanks for the comment.

      I would definately second the call for weights or strength training for toning up. Try doing 3 sets of 8-12 tricep dips off the edge of a chair and the same for press ups every other day (or daily if you can) and you’ll see a big difference.

      Good luck!

  7. Well done Becca on the weight loss. This post was written for me today I feel. I stopped smoking 2 months ago and I have put on 2 STONE! 9 stone up to 11 stone πŸ™ My self confidence has hut zero and Im misreble and my marraige is suffering too.
    Anyway enough of my sob story, I have started my healthy eating and fitness today. Im not starving my self as that just ends up in binge days, Im planning on “Fat Friday” where I can eat something naughty (within reason) but not to pig out.

    Sorry for the moan but I was sitting at my desk staring into my tuna, lettuce to cherry tomatoes when this post popped up!

  8. Maybe you could introduce a ‘florence’s fitness’ post Rebecca? (ATTENTION PENNY)
    I’m not a dieter (I’ve been lucky with the good metabolism genes) BUT I desperately want to tone up and am looking for tips.

  9. @amy – weight training…all exercise is great obviously but using weights makes a real difference quickly. Try a body pump class if you are a member of a gym, or a Jillian Michaels DVD (30 day shred) .

  10. I spent far too long getting comfortable with my Christmas weight this year! Finally got the last few lbs off in the last month and looking to lose a few bonus lbs for my holiday in June now. Planning meals is the only thing that works for me – avoiding anything processed and making sure at least half my meal is fresh fruit and veg. Make good choices when you’re eating out and ensure sure a day’s slip up doesn’t turn into a week. I am walking talking proof that doing a ton of exercise doesn’t necessarily mean you can eat what you want – sadly a lot of it is down to genetics and some of us just have to be stricter with ourselves to get results. Doesn’t mean you need to starve though, it’s just bloody boring having to turn down cake and beer when everybody else is tucking in.

    I would avoid Dukan like the plague unless you’re doing it for an event – 100% of Atkins/Dukaners I see at the gym get the weight off dramatically and then pile it back on plus more afterwards. That’s my experience anyway!


    • Marlene – I have done the 30 Day Shred before, it is fab. Yes, she does absolutely beast you but after about 10 days people were commenting on how I looked like I’d lost weight.

      That said… I’ve never managed to get to level 3 – I’ve always got board with it after level 2!


  11. Have said this before but will say it again sometimes you read my mind!

    Have been seriously contemplating doing Dukan today as with 10 weeks until the wedding I just haven’t lost as much as I wanted and I’m beating myself up and feeling rubbish about it.  Last year I was super motivated with slimming world, lost a stone and a half (got down to 9 stone) but have put on around 8lbs to take me where I am now and I want to get it back off… However the sensible person in me says I don’t want to feel crappy and sick doing Dukan as I want to be healthy!!

    The thing that is annoying me the most is I don’t feel like I have the time to go to the gym, I have so many wedding appointments, late nights at work, meetings with friends etc that I bearly have one night free – therefore today I am vowing to go to the gym before work!!! (This is big for me as I am rubbish in the mornings!) There is a body pump class on Thursday mornings (that I think is the best for toning up!) and zumba on Friday mornings that I AM dragging my bum to this week!!!

    Feel free to offer me some motivational tips!!

    Rachie xo

    • Totally feel your pain Rachie. I’m suffering because my work life has gone bananas so I’m stuck on my bum all day again. Is it so bad to just want a quick fix?! I really hate the idea of doing anything inhealthy though… πŸ™ It’s a tough call.

    • Rachie – I felt like you at about the same point in the run up to the wedding, but I would say, don’t beat yourself up about it. I am certain that you will look fantastic anyway, and I guarantee you will feel it come your wedding day.

      Also, so many people said to me ‘oh it will just drop off you with the stress’. I scoffed at them. But, I can promise you in the last three weeks before w-day I really did shrink a little! I was eating the same, but I think all of the nervous energy was burning it off!


  12. Thanks for another thoughtful post, Rebecca. It has been interesting to read all your Florettes’ responses too (as ever!).

    Frankly I’ve stopped weighing myself, and I feel the ebb and flow of inches through clothing and ‘wobble factor’. I’m a tall ‘un at 5’11” and last time I checked I weighed about 75kg (11 stone 8?) which sounds horrific when converted like that, but I have to reason with myself that I’m naturally tall and naturally muscular.

    I was advised to switch to a low GI type diet-bordering on a Paleo approach a while back as a way to treat my M.E.. ‘Twas great to begin with – the pounds flew off (benchmark jeans much looser) but then I guess my metabolism caught up and the sad reality is that as I’m really not able to get moving as I once moved, the weight has crept back on. It is quite depressing really, but I have to reason that when I do get back in the world of activity again the excess will be vanquished!

    I just loved that first quote you posted ‘if you eat what you’ve always eaten, you’ll weigh what you’ve always weighed’. So true. As I see it, we could all benefit from giving our diets a radical overhaul and stop (speaking from experience here) putting an entire packet of chocolate digestives into our bodies over the course of an afternoon. Yikes.

  13. I’m still at my ‘wedding weight’ after getting married last August… well, I say weight, what I really mean is that I’m at my wedding inches!! This was a key thing for me – I had lost an inches or two/three everywhere and I didn’t want to undo all of my hard work.

    I’ve always struggled with the whole weight thing – it seems that no matter my size, I always weigh pretty much the same (give or take a pound or two). That’s why I go on inches because announcing my weight to everyone would just be too depressing!

    I’m trying to go to the gym three times a week (and have been doing so for a couple of months) but although I’ve noticed a bit more muscle tone that’s about it. The only area I lose anything off is my chest area (collarbone down to bust) and I’m struggling to get rid of my *a-hem* slightly flabby areas (stomach, hips)… I don’t know what else to try. I’ve done spinning, circuits, HIIT, areobics, body combat, swimming… but nothing!!

    Anyone got any tips or ideas?


    • How about cycling or rowing? The former is amazing for your butt and the latter brilliant for the arms, upper body and core. Depends on your fitness personality though – I’m the only person I know who loves the rowing machine!

  14. I made my weight loss goal in February, reaching the weight I wanted to be for my wedding (which is in June), unfortunately since then I have regained ~6 lbs. I am annoyed. I know why, it’s because I am extremely stressed and busy, I have no energy at all and no motivation to do anything that isn’t sleep, obviously as a result I’m eating more and exercising less.

    I was really upset last week about this last week when I went to see my personal trainer. She made me go home and find a photo of me at my heaviest, to see how far I’ve come. She pointed out that two months of low motivation and high stress won’t undo what has now been 3 years of hard work. She also made me do an absurdly hard session, and throughout it kept reminding me that I am currently the strongest and fittest I have ever been (as I gasped obscenities at her). She reminded me that strong and fit and healthy is better than skinny. And she’s right, I’d rather be the weight I am, but know that I am kick-ass strong.

    (Yes, my personal trainer is all kinds of inspiringly awesome)

    Wrt dieting, when I diet, all I do is eat smaller portions and try avoid cakes etc as much as possible. I only want to diet in a way that is sustainable for the long-term (i.e., when I am at my goal weight can eat the same day-to-day but allow myself a few more cakes etc if the opportunity arises)

    K x

  15. Hello all, I have finally stopped just reading and enjoying and decided to comment too today, as there is hardly a day that goes passed when either myself, or my friends, colleagues do not discuss/share tips/moan about diets. I am getting married at Christmas and I know that I could be upping my antics to shift a greater amount of weight and tone up. However I have been taking the slow and steady route, losing 1/2- 1lb a week, whilst still enjoying things in moderation, (namely wine). I’ve been a big fan of weightwatchers in the past but living abroad has meant that I cannot go to a class, which used to be a big motivater. I tried a class here in Dubai, based on an old ww programme but it was too strict. Then a friend recommended the Book- French Woman Don’t Get Fat. Yes, the cheesy title did make me scowl but having noticed her weight loss, I was curious. I LOVE this book-much to my fiance’s annoyance/amusement as I try to adapt to my new “french ways”. It’s not a diet book but it does remind you of the very simple rules that are right under your nose and you just need to remember. Increase water intake, moderate exercise built into your daily routine, such as walking, eating as freshly as possible, and in season; Eating in moderation, enjoying wine for its benefits alongside a meal, instead of guzzling, increasing fruit and vegetables whilst still enjoying breads and chocolate. Anyhow I will not bore you. Its an enjoyable book, with a very simple and easy to follow philosophy. I need to exercise more (I’ve no excuse, my balcony looks down to the pool!) but like most of us, I work long hours and find getting the motivation to move harder than winding down to prepare and cook a healthly dinner (with a small glass of wine!!). But, at 5.1 and 9.6 I need to get moving more before the big day!! Has anyone else read this book? (It will not drastically change your life but it will remind you of what you all ready know, whilst entertain you). What did you think/take from it? Feel free to shout me all the way down to the pool, I realise that I will not be in this position for ever!

  16. I found running good for toning up my legs and arms. Only realising this now since I’ve not been for ages and my thighs have definitely expanded!

  17. It makes me so sad to think of all that worry we all encounter when it comes to weight.

    Like Em K, I’m a tall ‘un at 6ft. I’ve always been the biggest out of all my friends. I’m not overweight. My stable weight makes me between sizes though so I either have to battle to lose half a stone or put up with everything being too big.

    I gave up dieting after suffering from an eating disorder when I was in my late teens which I believe was brought on by a diet itself. I personally believe that all diets create a warped relationship with food whether it’s ‘good’ or so called ‘bad’ food. I am a convert to eating a little less and exercising more, and I’ve never looked back.

    I’m lucky now that I have an active job so I’m always on my feet at work. If i want to shed a few pounds quickly, i get out my running shoes – something else i discovered later in life. I used to not be able to run for more than 5 minutes. Then I discovered a book called Running Made Easy by Susie Whalley & Lisa Jackson which trained me into a 5k then a 10k and an enjoyment from something I used to absolutely loathe.

    When I did have an office job, I used to love Body Pump classes. They toned muscles I never knew I had. That and the pool are the 2 bits of a gym membership I miss.

    The best form of staying in shape I have found however is rescuing a dog. I wanted a way of making some form of exercise part of my everyday life, even after a day on my feet at work. There are the odd days I’d rather stay in bed in the morning but generally, it’s the best bit of mine & my husbands day. Not only is it 2 x 30 min walks a day, it’s time to get away from the rest of life, and enjoy nature. I can’t recommend it enough.

    Sorry for hijacking the diets and replacing with excercise Rebecca! Hope you’ll forgive me.

    • I totally agree with you Becky, I really do. You’re making me wish I had a dog!

      I always struggle writing these posts and even more so illustrating them… Trying to find pictures of athletic women that won’t be misconstrued as ‘thin-spiration’. It’s really hard trying to explain the conflict of thoughts I experience between wanting to look my best (and I think I have a healthy perception of what that is,) and my sensible/greedy inclination to just sod it and enjoy the food I love!

      I hate the idea of people being miserable due to their weight and although I would like to think people would be motivated to change if they felt like that, I would hate that to become some kind of unrealistic or unhealthy goal.

      It’s a tough one but thank you for your comment, and of course I’m loving the exercise slant to it πŸ™‚


  18. I’m exactly the same weight as I was a the beginning of the year but I think probably quite a bit fitter. I am doing enormous amounts of exercise at the minute, training for both a couple of runs and also a triathlon. Problem is means I’m starving all the time and eating loads and I also seem to have developed enormous shoulders (I’m blaming the swimming)

    Having said that despite perhaps wanting to be a few pounds lighter I feel amazing when I’m this fit and strong. A bit like I can do anything.

    I agree with those above who have recommended running. I liked the running made easy book as well and am a complete evangelist for parkrun. They do volunteer run timed 5K runs every Saturday morning in parks all around the UK. The Newcastle one is fantastic, with over 200 people most weekends and its incredibly friendly whether you are fast or really slow, lots of people jog/walk round. They put your times on a website each week so you are just trying to beat your own time. I would really recommend it to anyone who is trying to get into doing a bit of running whether for weight or fitness – it has really helped my motivation!

  19. I remember your first post about wanting to lose some weight after Christmas and at that point I wasn’t interested in doing the same as I never have been into diets or the gym. My weight had generally stayed around the same in the last few years, about 12 1/2 stone-ish. I wasn’t even bothered about losing any for my wedding, I found a dress that fit me and looked good and was happy with that. (I too did lose a little due to hyper/nervous energy in the few weeks prior though, mostly from my chest & waist!! I had to buy chicken fillets!! Although I didn’t weigh myself at the time, people and I could see a difference.)

    Anyway, after the honeymoon, I went into relaxing (ie.lazy) mode after having been so busy for the past few months and was even more sedentary than usual and rather than enjoying naughty foods in moderation I was indulging too often and suddenly realised I didn’t feel comfortable in my clothes any more. I had a bit of an epiphany and realised I hadn’t been myself for the last few months and decided to blog about it – I weighed myself then and was shocked to be 13 stone 4 lbs! That was all it took to change my lifestyle (and I did find the video you posted a while back inspiring too!) I have found my biggest motivation since then is my weekly post about how I’m doing including my food diary and all the supportive comments I’ve received. Wanting a Wispa Gold at 11pm is easily avoided when I remember I’ll have to admit to it on the blog and not just to myself!

    I started swimming (something I used to do occasionally) and overhauled my diet. I LOVE food and have never/will never do a ‘diet’. I basically have made up my own plan following little snippets of advice from people I trust (Penny for one!) and my own common sense/knowledge. A little like the book Andrea mentioned actually. I am now eating less white starchy processed bread/food and more fruit & veg. Am making a big breakfast every day and not needing/wanting to snack as much but having healthier snacks as opposed to chocolate, coke & crisps. Don’t get me wrong, I did eat fruit & veg before, just not as often and littered with too many ‘bad’ foods.

    I am loving my new diet and even started body pump after being invited along by a friend and went despite being very nervous as that kind of thing just wasn’t me. But I loved it and now go every Sunday. I still eat cake (even joined a cake club!), I still go out for meals in restaurants and at friends’ houses, still drink wine just not as much/often, I still have chocolate occasionally and still really enjoy my food. I don’t even always choose the ‘good’ options when we go out, I still love pate and cheese and enjoy bacon for breakfast but it’s all about the balance and is working so far – I’ve lost 10 1/2 lbs in 8 weeks.

  20. I am one of the people who has wrecked her metabolism through extreme dieting. I did a VLCD which my metabolic specialist reckons made my already sluggish metobolism pretty much grind to a halt. He’s hoping (but not as much as me) that it will eventually return but it’s been about 3 years now. So I diet but average 1lb a month loss which is pretty soul-destroying but better than the alternative (I put on 8lbs in 2 weeks off over Christmas. Still battling to lose that). I lost 3st on the VLCD then put on 2st of it. I’ve lost a stone since then but need to lose A LOT more. At my current snail’s rate of loss I reckon I’ll only manage to lose half a stone before our wedding in November. I keep telling myself it’s better than nothing.

    Do read the Dr John Briffa book as recommended above. I’ve cut starchy carbs out almost completely and whilst my weight loss is as slow as it was on SW or WW, I feel SO much better. No energy dips, shakiness etc

    And do be wary of the ‘eat more fruit’ thing – I’m sure you know this but it’s essentially water and sugar. Yes, it’s good for you compared to a chocolate bar but that’s about it. I LOVE fruit but that’s because I have a sugar addiction. I only have one or two modest portions a day max. I used to eat 8 nectarines a day easily.

    Finally – and sorry for the mammoth post – Rebecca: you look great. When I saw you in that close-fitting Zara dress the other week, I rather uncharitably thought how easy it must be to look good when you’re that slim and toned.

  21. I’m a dieter/non-eater and have been ever since my teens. I’m really paying for it now as my body just doesn’t know what to do but I’m hoping ‘we’ can come to some agreement whereby if I feed it regularly with sensible food – and the occasional treat – it will reward me by working and loosing some weight! However, this is not really what I am wanting to say which is … I am HORRIFIED at the number of people (male and female) who feel it necessary to change for their wedding day. Yes I am part of the wedding industry and in the business of making wedding dreams come true but the way I see it is – Two people find each other, fall in love and decide to marry – it IS that simple. You love each other for what you are not for the tight up-do hair that you always wear loose and free, not for the clean-shaven face that’s usually covered by beard, not for the skinny waist, nor the smaller boobs, nor for the face that’s been botoxed for the occasion. IF your partner wanted that to begin with, that’s what the person they would have fallen in love with, not you, as you were. Please, please remember why you are getting married – to make a commitment to the person you love. You will be amongst family and friends who have known you, and cared about you, for years. It’s an aisle not a catwalk in Paris, Milan, New York or London and family & friends are not catty journalists or the fashionista. Sorry to rant but it really upsets me.

  22. This is me right now! I am trying my best to keep up the gym and I am really enjoying it now. Zumba, Body Pump and Yoga I really love. I have made up a vision board to inspire me to go and to eat healthy food.

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