Cutting Edge: AW13 Hair – The Clavicut

This season, there’s only one haircut to be seen in and for once in my life, it happens to be the one I am loving AND wearing. Right now, it’s all about the Clavicut.

To me, this is the original Olivia Palermo long bob. Curly or straight she’s been wearing it for years (ironically, she’s grown it out now, but I guess that’s what it is to be a trend setter.) The lady who is really rocking the look though, is Rose Byrne. The clavicut is as it sounds, a slightly longer length, clavicle skimming. For the first time ever, mid-length is cool.

Historically I have always gone for a shorter bob, chin length or below, styled straight but with volume. It was easy (read: lazy) and dare I say it, at a time in my life when I was out of control, it made me feel together. Laziness leads to longer lengths in my life, then I found myself growing my hair out for curling purposes and Jess’s wedding. The longer it got, the more I could do with it and I’ve fallen in love with the versatility, even putting my hair up for Jess’s wedding – the first time since my own over 4 years ago.

And for all you blondies out there, here’s a few lovely star clavicuts in lighter shades.

So I’m super happy to be on trend and to report I’ll be keeping my hair as it is (and growing it that touch further onto my clavicles,) for the perfect Clavicut.

What do you think readers? Can I tempt any of you? Are you thinking of growing out a shorter style or chopping longer locks? I’d love to hear!


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24 thoughts on “Cutting Edge: AW13 Hair – The Clavicut

  1. Shortly after I got married I had my hair chopped off in to a long bob a la Rose Byrne/Nicole Ritchie with a bit of Alexa Chung thrown in (I have a fringe). My friends mocked me for calling it a bob but it’s long been a style I coveted and a little part of me wishes I’d had a boho, wavy ‘clevicut’ for my wedding.

    The only thing is my hair is a lot thinner than the celebs above. Most of them will be sporting volume extensions of some kind and it does make a difference to the overall look I think. I have some clip ins I used when my hair was longer but I can’t bring myself to cut them in case I decide to grow my hair out again… Hair decisions decisions!

  2. Meeeeeee! I decided a couple of months ago that I wanted longer hair again and I reckon I’m a couple of inches away from this! Hooray!

    I have missed having some versatility with my hair but am starting to get that back a bit now, now it’s getting longer.


  3. Yep, had my hair like this for almost a year now… simply went for the chop to make my hair healthier! Wouldn’t say I particularly follow hair trends, I just do what suits my face shape.

    Also, Sama – I also have thin hair, and I chopped my clip in extensions (only ever worn if I’m going out), but wear them quite high up now, so if my hair grows I can just move them down….


  4. I have tried growing my hair out, but it just annoys me too much. It always gets to my shoulders, gets in my way and I want it gone again. It has been a variation of a short bob for a very long time, but a few weeks ago I decided finally (after months of umming and ahhing) to cut it into a pixie. Do you know what, I love it!
    I would love longer hair, and I love that style, but I just can’t live with it.

    • I went back to a pixie cut last autumn after a 5 year ‘break’ and I wish I’d done it sooner! So much easier and like you, longer hair bugs me and always gets in my way.

  5. This is the length I plan on cutting my hair to post wedding. I cannot wait! I love having it longer and it looks great when I can be bothered to blow dry it properly etc. but the rest of the time I shove it up out of the way. I do realise I will probably have to pay more attention to styling it when it’s shorter, but hopefully once I’m used to it it won’t take as long. I will be coming back to this post to show my hairdresser, thanks Rebecca!

  6. Oh man, they’re two of my biggest Hair Crushes, along with Gwen Stefani and Fearne Cotton, not to mention Girl Crushes. This hasn’t at all helped my hair cut indecision. It’s an extension of my life long FOMO-Paralysis. I’ve been very very long and very very short but wherever I am in the spectrum, i always crave the other end.

    I’ve been growing my hair for the past year to make attending 10 destination weddings easier. It’s just so easy to just blow dry it, put a fascinator on it, ponytail it when the dancing gets raucous and then the next day for the after party where you get ready in less than 15 mins as brekkie is about to close you just whack it up and it still looks ok with no last minute hair washing/forgotten tongs/straightener dramas! Especially for one coming up in Vegas where the heat, pool parties and a busy schedule of day-to-night events doesn’t leave much time for the constant attention I found my bob needed and lends itself nicely to long hair which goes up easily!

    However, I found a gorgeous picture on Pinterest the other day and I’m no craving the “edge” of the bob to go with some of my outfits.

    But if i cut it before i go will i regret it? If i don’t cut it and i hate my hair when i’m there will i do something rash like getting it cut whilst i’m there… and tipsy? Will it make the last year of hair growth pointless? Will the whole trip be ruined by my hair indecision…

    Yes that’s right… a mega comment-post dedicated to my hair indecision.

    Am I so shallow and vain that all i’ve been thinking about for the last three months is whether to cut all my hair off pre or post Vegas. YES is the answer!!! Help me! There must be more to life than this current hair distress! Ha ha!

    **apologies** ;-(

  7. Victoria that comment made me laugh so much!! All I can say is you always look awesome in your instagram pics so try not to rush into anything 😉

    And I’m another one who’s currently rocking a mid length style whoohoo!! I had it bobbed around this time last year and I did love the chic sharpness of it for a while, but with my hair it needs a proper blowdry/straighteners to make it look good and having spent a lot of time travelling this year without access to all the gear, I started to let it grow out and I love it. Love being able to just pull it back for exercising/lazy days, love being able to straighten it long and sleek for smart dos. I’m also really looking forward to trying GHD curls like you posted a while ago Rebecca and I also want to try a glossy wavy blow-dry like this:

    Think I’ll be keeping this length for a while after reading this!!

  8. I got my hair cut a little bit shorter than this in February this year. I loved the style but was soon fed up with the lack of versatility! I love to be able to come home from work and tie my hair up in a knot away from my face but I couldn’t manage it. Since then, I am back to growing it long. It is currently what I would call “mid length” for me which is a good couple of inches longer than the pics above. I would like it even longer – back to my usual signature look!

    I love the look of the styles above but every time I copy, I soon regret it. I miss my long hair too much!

    I have to say though Rebecca – the pics you’ve shown are very tempting and with a hairdresser appointment looming…I am questioning my initial plans!!


  9. Ahhhhhh, now I’m post wedding/honeymoon, I’ve been toying with the idea of chopping my long (read: nearly waist length) blonde hair to mid length/claivcut. How do you ladies find it for get up and go? And has it made your hair healthier? Mine’s lost all its live and shine I feel.

  10. I wore my hair that length for years, but now I have two kids who like to swing on it like monkeys, so I’ve grown it long and all one length so I can pin it up or tie it back in various different ways. So far I’ve mastered nearly all the Cup of Jo hair tutorials, including the four strand braid *preens* 🙂

  11. I went for this when my baby was a couple of weeks old as my hair had grown soooo long with all those pregnancy hormones. I love it! I just rough dry mine to get volume at the roots and rub a little wax in the ends. Very baby friendly time wise (although she does like to tug on the ends!)

  12. Completely by coincidence I’ve just had my hair trimmed to this sort of length. Although I still mostly wear it tied back. Must learn to do some other things with it.

    • You and me both Ruth. I always fantasise about having lovely hair but the reality is that I am so lazy and lose interest, that is if I even allocate time rather than leaving my getting ready routine too late. I really admire those women who get up early to blow dry their hair…!

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