Crazy. Stupid. Love.

So last night I went to a preview screening of Crazy. Stupid. Love. and I loved it! 🙂

It’s the story of Cal, (Steve Carell) a forty something guy whose wife (and childhood sweetheart) announces she wants a divorce because she slept with someone else. He goes on to meet a new buddy in the form of Ryan Gosling, playing a (very hot) playboy who helps him get his mojo back. Weaved around the main storyline Love, Actually style, are several other stories, a couple of teen crushes going on and some brilliant twists near the end which I really didn’t see coming. It’s a feel good movie, very funny and not all that cheesy considering the subject matter.

Definately worth a watch. Here’s the trailer to get you in the mood…

Crazy. Stupid. Love. is out in cinemas from 23rd September, do let me know what you think!


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