Clothe your walls: Etsy Art

After my post last week on how to hang wall art, it will come as no suprise that I’ve been thinking about choosing some new prints for my walls. I tend to go with themes when choosing art work and most of the pieces in our lounge/dining room are from a series of prints that used to hang in a favourite restaurant of ours which has long since closed down. We contacted the photographer, via the restaurant owner and chose a selection of 6 from his original contact sheets that were commissioned for the restaurant. Now I’m looking for something equally unique at a reasonable price point and of course, the first place to go is Etsy.

I thought I’d share a selection of pieces that I am loving today, all from Etsy and all very reasonably priced. Most are around $35. Although there’s no real theme to my selection, I hope that will mean there’s something to appear to many of you amongst my choices.

Where do you go to find unique wall art and have you got any tips for buying unique pieces?


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11 thoughts on “Clothe your walls: Etsy Art

  1. I know absolutely zero about art and have never been bothered about learning, so I’ve always been all about photography or things picked up on my travels adorning my walls – to evoke memories of goodtimes passed. Over the past few years though, on the search for special birthday gifts, unique wedding and anniversary presents I got a bit addicted to Etsy and NOTHS and now not a month goes past without a hard-backed envelope or postal tube turning up at my desk. Really, we had to move house just to make room for it all!

    After clicking on that “pucker up” link i’m now obsessed with this

    Poor Mr G

  2. I have about 4 Leigh Viner prints on my for the home Pinterest board and still can’t make my mind up which one to purchase… I even have a frame ready, damn my indecisive nature! I am concerned they are a bit too feminine for the lounge and that Mr C might not be too pleased? But then again…. aaggghh!

  3. I love etsy for prints! Although I am much more of a fan of collecting things when travelling and (trying) to blend them into our home, I like to think that it means your home tells a bit of a story as to where you have been – hopefully! x

    • I’m the same, I hate having something on my walls that doesn’t have a story if that makes sense. But the bambino situation has curbed the travelling for now so I am def in the market for some lovely new wall art. I have the mountain one above my Lil girls cot 🙂 and I recently ordered a bespoke print from etsy of some song lyrics for our 1st wedding anniversary!
      What would we do with out etsy?!

  4. I too LOVE Etsy!

    We started a little tradition of trying to pick up a vintage postcards or posters of places we’ve been to frame when we get home: favourites include a postcard of some dapper gents walking across St Mark’s Square in Venice circa 1928 (complete with message to Signora Valetti – whoever she was! – in Naples) and a Japan Post poster my husband sweet-talked our local post-office worked into giving him when we left Japan. Oh, and after a particularly splendid lunch at Brasserie Zedel at the weekend, we left with an old copy of the menu (the art deco artwork in that place is amazing). Just goes to show: don’t ask, don’t get! 😉

  5. I always run to Etsy for stuff like this – so much choice and not prints you’d find anywhere else.

    Well, I say ‘always’ but I’ve not bought much as we’re in a rented house so not lots of opportunities for knocking holes in the walls – and on wedding budgeting drive until early next year… I might just start pinteresting (or pinning?!) my faves to pick from then though. Great prints are really inspiring.

    Loving the neon ampesand and the mountain print. I’m a sucker for a good quote print.

  6. We were given a print by this guy who does tattoo inspired lino prints as a wedding present

    We love it and have brought several more from him. I feel like we’ve got a relationship with him and my husband commissioned him to do a personalised print which is unique to us for my christmas present last year! Problem is we’re starting to run out of walls.

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