Christmas Inspiration #4 – Modern Style

This morning it’s the last of our Christmas inspiration posts and I thought I’d go full on and fabulous with modern Christmas decor. I love bright colours and even though it’s not traditional, I love seeing bright colours, piles of baubles and a fun take on the festivities. I’ve also included some other modern takes on Christmas styling, metallics and clean shapes and forms with fuss free lines. There’s plenty of inspiration here if that’s your thing, and don’t miss the last of the reader photos below.

Real Christmas Decor – Modern Metallics
So what do you do for Christmas decor when you’re a florist? Work your behind off is the answer to that one and so I was curious as to what Becky from Blossom would come up with, given her super stylish taste.

Image Credit: Becky Hay at Blossom

A flower-free Christmas is the result, with a low key tree, lots of lights and mercuried decor (including my favourite toadstools if you look closely) and it all looks just as magical a a real tree I think.

Equally stylish is the lovely Rachie from A chi Chi Affair who sent in her metallic decor featuring oversized baubles from Next which lend a modern look with their simple shape.

Image Credit: A Chi Chi Affair

I hope you have enjoyed the Christmas inspiration series and maybe if it was too late for you, you can come back to it next year for some ideas 🙂


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9 thoughts on “Christmas Inspiration #4 – Modern Style

  1. Thanks so much for featuring me! I love my mantlepiece this year! And that wreath made out of the stripy straws is just fabulous!
    Happy Christmas!
    Rachie xo
    PS: Please excuse the awful decor in my lounge – its next on the list to renovate!! x

  2. Oh I’m a big fan of the pyramid trees and the doily wreath though i think it’s a bit late in the day for DIY projects for this year… something for next year hopefully.

    What’s wrong with your lounge Rachie?!!? You can barely see any of it anyway! Love the christmas decorations 🙂 xxx

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