Christmas Inspiration #2 – Rough Luxe

Today’s Christmas inspiration is my favourite I think… and it’s (true to my usual form) a bit of a mish mash. As I mentioned last week when I shared my Scandi-style inspiration, I used to have a red and white Christmas, but this year I was inspired by 2 things. Firstly, the redecoration that we’ve done this year in shades of grey meant I wanted to enhance our usual decor rather than overtake it, so I decided to stick with a single colour palette of white with metallic accents. I’m also loving all the beautiful natural inspiration that seems to be seeping into Christmas decor. I love greenery and it works beautifully with animal references, wildlife and natural materials like wood, feathers and pine cones. Of course, a glitter girl at heart it’s in my nature to add in a little luxe… in the form of glass, some sparkle and mercuried elements.

Here’s a round up of my inspiration, and then you can see Christmas at Florence Finds below.

Real Christmas Inspiration… A Florence Finds Christmas.
After the week of decorating and a week of tidying, I finally got our tree up. An amalgamation of white, glass and silvered decorations from previous years and some grey, metal and feathered additions this year, I’m really pleased with how magical it looks.

New additions include some beautiful grey feathered birds from Blossom, a box of grey and white papier mache baubles from M&S, a nod to rough luxe with these tin crowns from Ikea, and my mauve toadstools, given pride of place, also from Blossom.

The mercuried stripe drops were from The White Company a couple of years ago and there are also some silver glitter birds. Some snow-ball glitter baubles and a mixed box of small mercuried baubles from The White Company again. I decided against the chains of beads I usually add, preferring to keep it a little more rustic and simple.

Now that we have replaced the door frame around the arch between our lounge and dining room, I wanted to decorate that too, and found these grey glass baubles and droplets in B&Q, mixed with some mirrored glass decorations that are too heavy for our real tree (Laura Ashley) and a prancing silver reindeer. I always decorate the mantle pieces too, but they’re as yet a work in progress as I’m waiting to add my usual foliage for our party on Saturday. In the interim, this pair of owls (Paperchase) sit beside a sparkling heart wreath of twigs.

So what do you think Findettes? Do you like a simple white Christmas or are you channelling some rough luxe in your Christmas life?


PS – Sorry that the pictures don’t give an overview of the whole room- I’m saving the big reveal for my decoration ‘before and after’ post in the New Year 😉

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14 thoughts on “Christmas Inspiration #2 – Rough Luxe

  1. Aww, this is lovely. So classy and elegant.

    We did ours this weekend, and we have created what can only be described as the campest Christmas tree ever. It’s basically the Florence Finds logo in Christmas-tree form, which is not necessarily a bad thing…

  2. We have very similar styles of tree decorating! (no stringy stuff, lots of lights) My theme is a bit more old fashioned though – red, gold, candy canes and old fashioned toys.

  3. We’re slowly whittling down our job-lot-from-Homebase and moving towards an “every ornament has a story” look. I can’t wait until Barnaby is old enough to start making lumpy stars out of salt dough, and misshapen papier mâché baubles!

  4. It looks beautiful! I’ve gone for grey, White and a moderate dash of glitter on our tree. Looking forward to the big new year reveal! X

  5. Love it! This is basically exactly what I want my tree to look like (if only I could have one at all… Next year, when we’ve finally bought our flat!).

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