CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE #3: Stocking fillers

In my family, it’s customary to have a main christmas or birthday present, and also some small presents too, which is lovely to receive but tricky to accomplish sometimes. It’s hard to find stocking fillers that are both ‘wanted’ and also within budget as they can easily add up. I’ve rounded up a selection of my favourites here for girls and guys (although of course some you might disagree with me – cheese lovers I’m looking at you! 😉 )

Earrings £6 Accessorize // Burt Bees Lip Balm, John Lewis £3.14 // Tangle Teezer £10.99 John Lewis // Glitter Tape, £3.50/roll Paper Mash // Bespoke pencil set £25 Abigail Warner at // Meringue Girls Cookbook Amazon £10.20
Happy Socks £8, ASOS // iPhone initial case – Paperchase £12 // Stag and Owl Wine stoppers, Paperchase £8 // Ravioli cutter, Tesco £5.99 // Alex Ferguson My Autobiography, Amazon £12 // Wensleydale with Fig and Orange truckle £1 ASDA

For the girls…

  • Pretty studs for every day
  • A sweet lip balm
  • For girls of all ages, a hair brush guaranteed to get through those knotty ends
  • Sparkly tape for all manner of gift wrapping and crafty plans
  • Personalised pencils for the smartest girl at school (or in the office)
  • For the domestic goddess, or sweet toothed, the cookbook of the moment.
For the boys…
  • Christmas cheese for festive nibbles
  • The most talked about autobiography (and book?) this year, a must for any football fan.
  • For the foodie, a ravioli press to make his own filled pasta parcels
  • Happy socks, because black socks are boring.
  • An initialled Phone cover
  • For a litte bit of gentlemanly style, a stag wine stopper.

I know I always find picking out budget stocking fillers tricky without resorting to the same old same old and without spending a fortune, so I’d love to hear if you have any great ideas?


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11 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE #3: Stocking fillers

  1. We are hosting Christmas for the in laws (7 of us in total) for the first time this year and I decided some time ago that we all “needed” stockings. I definitely underestimated the challenge involved and have been struggling to find affordable presents for people that they will also actually want and use. Having to fill so many, I have found that multi buys are a great option and the best value for money but my favourite items are the lego racing cars – even though we range from 24-55 years old :). I think I am now getting close but these suggestions will definitely help – thanks!

  2. I’ve picked up a few stocking fillers for my other half and my sister. We give a main present (which can be from a Christmas list) but the stocking is off-list and I try to “surprise and delight”! So this year:

    I have a few bits from Sous Chef – some interesting salts and baking bits:

    Fabulous chocolate bars from:

    Happy socks:

    Urban Decay eye pencil:,default,pd.html

    Philosophy shower gel – Christmas special:

    And a few other bits and bobs…

  3. For his stocking, I’m buying my dad a traditional Lancashire potato peeler for the princely sum of £2.25 from John Lewis. Two reasons: 1. He is a grumpy old man who likes traditional things and dislikes newfangled kitchen equipment, and 2. I broke the old one. Oops.

    My search for the holy grail of potato peelers led me to two sites that might be good for stocking fillers – Labour and Wait and Objects of Use. They’re both full of old-school, slightly pretentious hipstery things, but a lot of those things are well-designed, ethically produced and actually useful. Worth a look.

  4. Ah! Yes! Football related boy-stuff! I am currently stressing over what to buy the new boy for Xmas (is it insane to dump someone so you don’t have to buy them a present? Yes? Dammit) but he loves all things football so the Alex Ferguson book is def going on the list! Any other ideas for a typical boy who loves footy and cars gratefully received!

    • I think dumping might be a little extreme?! I’m sure we can sort this out so you’re not man-less at Christmas 😉

      Pete pretty much fits your description of cars and football mad… You’ve filled the footie side of things, how about a top gear subscription (magazine) -Pete gets his renewed every year and loves it. He also loves car cleaning paraphernalia (until he got rid of the fancy car!) or if you’re feeling generous a track day?!

      On a related but not exact note, Pete plays footie so performance sports wear goes down well, Car Fest tickets or a trip to Le Manns or the British F1…

      Hope that helps!

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