Cutting Edge: AW13 Hair – The Clavicut

This season, there’s only one haircut to be seen in and for once in my life, it happens to be the one I am loving AND wearing. Right now, it’s all about the Clavicut.

To me, this is the original Olivia Palermo long bob. Curly or straight she’s been wearing it for years (ironically, she’s grown it out now, but I guess that’s what it is to be a trend setter.) The lady who is really rocking the look though, is Rose Byrne. The clavicut is as it sounds, a slightly longer length, clavicle skimming. For the first time ever, mid-length is cool.

Historically I have always gone for a shorter bob, chin length or below, styled straight but with volume. It was easy (read: lazy) and dare I say it, at a time in my life when I was out of control, it made me feel together. Laziness leads to longer lengths in my life, then I found myself growing my hair out for curling purposes and Jess’s wedding. The longer it got, the more I could do with it and I’ve fallen in love with the versatility, even putting my hair up for Jess’s wedding – the first time since my own over 4 years ago.

And for all you blondies out there, here’s a few lovely star clavicuts in lighter shades.

So I’m super happy to be on trend and to report I’ll be keeping my hair as it is (and growing it that touch further onto my clavicles,) for the perfect Clavicut.

What do you think readers? Can I tempt any of you? Are you thinking of growing out a shorter style or chopping longer locks? I’d love to hear!


Monday Must Have: Charles Worthington Strength and Repair

I’m currently at a bit of an inbetween phase with my hair. Grown out for being a bridesmaid last weekend, it’s now hitting my collar bone and I am enjoying the flexibility the extra length brings. Over the hot summer though I have barely paid it any attention at all and got to the point where I really needed to start making more effort. So I was pleased to try out the new Strength and Repair range from Charles Worthington.

I’m happy to report, I really liked the shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo lathered really well on the first wash and the conditioner felt rich yet wasn’t a pain to rinse out. Both of them had a gorgeous perfume-like smell that felt pampering and lovely to use.

The star of the show however was the Split ends Binder. Worked through the lengths after towel drying, it gave me a lovely full blowdry, with soft shiny hair that wasn’t flat or limp. My hair felt protected and nourished, and then I passed it to my sister for further testing and she liked it too.

As I’m in the market for a new shampoo and on a budget for the next few months, I’d definitely choose these. As someone who doesn’t buy many hair styling products because I’m often disappointed by their claims compared to the actual results, I really recommend the split ends binder for everyday protection and great results.

Will you give it a go readers?


Disclaimer: Charles Worthington provided Takeaway size samples for review on Florence Finds, but if I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend, you wouldn’t be hearing about it here.

Recommended: GHD Gold V Classic Styler

This weekend I’m heading off on a hen do with the girls and my thoughts all week have been about what to wear and how to make the best of my current grown out haven’t-got-to-the-hairdresser’s-yet hair. Those of you who embraced January Joy may remember some of my hair resolutions. I love my short brunette bob but the fact remains that I am lazy/busy and don’t get it trimmed and styled as regularly as I should. That leaves me with inbetween lengths and a bit of a shaggy mess on my hands. However, on the plus side, it does give me a little bit more to work with when it comes to styling and some length to practise my curling technique.

Over recent years, I haven’t really mastered the technique of curling hair, even with the advice of the FF community. I’ve tried using ceramic straighteners and curling wands without sucess that I can replicate reliably. When I have asked for advice in the past, the majority of you use ceramic stylers such as GHD’s, so when GHD contacted me to review their hair straighteners, I figured this was my chance to get it nailed.

I thought I would do a little step by step here on how I curl my shorter hair and see if you guys had any tips?

My hair is fine but with a frizzy wave and so I started by rough drying it using a volumising mousse and then smoothing over with a round brush. To create volume, I smoothed out the ends, section by section, then rolled the hair back up around the brush to cool.

Next I sectioned off the hair and misted with a heat protecting spray. Dividing the hair into 1 inch chunks I started curling. To do this I hold the styler upright and my hair out at 90 degrees to my head. Then I clamp the styler onto my hair and turn it 180 degrees whilst still holding the hair out straight and pulling the styler along the hair. The hair goes through a kind of ‘S’ shape that way and once it falls out of the styler I twirl it around my finger to find the curl. I also find this technique works better when you feed the whole piece of hair through this figure of 8, so don’t miss the last bit!

Repeat around the head, trying to mix the size of hair chunk you use and the direction of the curl (although I should know, all of this is easier said than done!)

The end result is some tight ringlet curls. Use your fingers and a bit of glossing serum to break of the curls by running your fingers through them until they look more wavy and relaxed and finish with hair spray if you wish. I always resort to a kirby grip to pin the front pieces back. 😉

I was really impressed by the GHD hair straighteners. Having tried the technique before, I was afraid that they would cause my fine hair to go limp and the curl to flop, but hours later they were still volumised and intact, even without hairspray. Any qualms I had with the end result was definitely down to my styling skills and you know what they say… practice makes perfect – I’m definitely going to keep trying!

So tell me ladies, do you use GHD’s and do you have any tips for me?


PS To those of you lamenting the lack of frock-age today… I really couldn’t find one I was happy sharing! If you’ve seen something particularly lust-worthy, please let me know!

Disclaimer: Rebecca was gifted the GHD Gold V Classic Styler in Sahara Gold by GHD, but if she wouldn’t recommend it to a friend, you wouldn’t be hearing about it here.

#JanuaryJoy – Have a Good Hair day

Surely there are few feelings better in life than the pleasure that comes from the knowledge that you are having a supremely good hair day. For me, a good hair day takes time spent blow drying my hair, time that I am often too lazy, or lacking in patience to spend. That’s crazy right? That something so small and that can give me great pleasure and confidence is something that I simply don’t prioritise, for the sake of 15 minutes. A lot of #JanuaryJoy is about taking pleasure in the little things and making the best of every moment. So today is totally superficial and focusing on your hair.

Image via Refinery29

So here is my list of ways to make your hair your crowning glory this January and get a bit of that glow that comes with a good hair day. Maybe the hair cut has to wait for pay day, but some of these are simply everyday pieces of happy.

1. Master a new plait. This one’s not just for the long haired lovelies out there. I keep meaning to try this one for short hair myself. If you do have long hair though, how about trying a fishtail braid? This video tutorial is the best I have seen yet.

Plaits for short hair from The Beauty Department

2. Try a new colour. If I could choose any hair, I’d love a firey red shade like Rachelle LeFevre. (I wouldn’t say no to the curls either!) Unfortunately red hair doesn’t work with my skin tone at all and I’ve had my fair share of goth looking disaster outcomes trying to enrich my natural shade of brown that ended up too dark. Instead I’ll be trying a wash-in-wash-out colour in my natural shade for added sparkle and shine.

3. Learn how to curl your hair. I have a theory on this. I was never one of those girls who spent ages trying to curl or plait or style their hair as a teenager and I’m sure that’s why I can’t do it now. Teenagers have the time and the inclination to perfect a certain style and I know if I just set aside a little time to practice my curls, I could nail the look. This is so going on my personal January Joy list. Nail that curl. If anybody has any tips, I would love to hear them!

Waterfall Braid tutorial from OnceWed

4. Work a new style. Last year I tried this ‘waterfall braid’. (I know, braid is an American word, it just doesn’t sound the same if you say ‘waterfall plait’.) Or how about this easy up-do?

5. It’s a simple one, but book a hair cut. I am the worst person at doing this. I procrastinate, don’t make time and for at least 4 weeks out of every twelve I am frustrated that my hair won’t do what it should, and end up tying it up. My hair grows ridiculously fast so it’s partly not my fault, but getting it cut, making those ends smooth, getting it back into shape and looking so much healthier, brings that good hair day a little closer. 😉

So then readers, let’s hear it. Which of the above are you doing? Have you got a hair style that remains your nemesis and you would like to master, or a tip for me? Or are you going all out and getting a big chop or changing your colour? (Leave a link in the comments if there’s a picture you want to share!)


Sampson or Delila?

Last week, as I finally realised I was desperate for some me time the first thing I did was head to the hair dressers and say, ‘chop it all off!’ As usual, the hairdresser eyed me with some wariness wondering if I was thinking rationally but once it was established that I knew what I was doing I was soon three inches of hair lighter. Even though it was still wet and wavy I instantly felt a whole lot more human again.

I am lazy with my hair. I find the whole process of blowdrying and styling it incredibly boring, as well as being frustrating – my hair really does have a mind of its own. I’ve really only had a good grip on styling it the way I want it and generally looking presentable (if I take the time to do it,) since I first had it cut short on my 20th birthday, over 10 years ago now. Since then apart from a brief hiatus in the run up to and the months after my wedding, it has always been at least shoulder length and more often closer to my chin.

I don’t know what it is that every couple of years or so drives me to start growing it. I think it’s a combination of circumstances which prevent me going to the hairdressers for a while and a kind of 24 month itch when I feel I should do something different. It made me think, why do we as women do this? I know what suits me, what works for my lifestyle and what makes me feel fabulous – short hair. So why do I not just embrace that and make time for regular trims?!

I really wouldn’t consider my hair my ‘crowning glory’ and I’m certainly not one of those people who feels really out of sorts if they have a bad hair day, yet I realised just how different a good hair cut makes me feel, more human, more ‘me’.

So what is your relationship like with your hair? Is it your pride and joy or something you do battle with daily. Have you got any hair horror stories to share or have I just reminded you what you need to do to get your follicular mojo back?


Found: John Frieda Luxurious Volume Blow dry Spray

I make it my mission on Florence Finds to share with you any particulary great thing that I may have found and whilst John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Blow Dry Lotion is not new, it is certainly noteworthy in my book.

I first stumbled across it recently on Liberty London Girl where Sasha Wilkins (LLG herself) had extolled its virtues (after her Diesel fashion shoot) in assisting with the perfect bouncy New York style blow dry she loves. I’m afraid we both may be a little behind the times however as when I mentioned it to my Mum she said that she and my sister had tried it a couple of years ago! So do accept my apologies if I’m preaching to the converted.

After my recent hair cut, I realised that when you have a chin length bob, it needs a bit of va-va-voom to stop the helmet hair look, particularly as the day goes on. I have plenty of hair but it is fine and although it blow dries straight easily enough, it does like to lie down on my head. Volumising product is a must.

So I headed down to Boots and picked up a trial size bottle – I love to trial things if possible and this was only £1.99 if you want to do the same, compared with £5.99 for the full size.

Bottom line, I’m really impressed. The spray has a heat protector built in and despite spraying all over (you’re supposed to concentrate at the roots) didn’t make my hair lank or worse sticky, at all.

I’ve been using it for almost a week now and as I write this I’m even more convinced of its powers – I forgot to apply it today and noticed as soon as I got into the car that my hair was getting flat. In a lightbulb moment I remembered why. I think when you miss something after not using it, that’s the real proof of the pudding, so I feel confident recommending it to you all 🙂

As you can see, I took some iPhone pictures the first time I used it to demonstrate the bounce (please excuse the makeup-less and pyjama-clad me) and I’ve also taken a picture of the day I forgot to use it. Flat as a pancake.

Let me know if you’re going to or indeed have already tried it.

Big bouncy Love,

PS Come back this afternoon for a Real Room make over sent in by Anna 🙂

She gives good Hair…

I don’t know about you guys but one of things I have always wanted is good hair. You know, the kind that does as it’s told, falls into effortless waves, thick and shiny. My hair is currently on my shoulders in a rather shapeless long bob. Why have I let it get like this? Because I want it to look like Alexa Chung/Olivia Palermo/Alex Jones. I want that longish wavy bob that looks a bit undone, a bit relaxed and effortless but super shiny of course. And it probably takes hours to achieve. No fair.

I guess I’m guilty of falling victim here to the celebrity illusion… i.e. thinking that the images we see of celebrities are what they achieve at home, not with the help of stylists. Try as I might I cannot find a product that will hold the curls I’ve been practicing with a barrel tong, beyond about ten minutes after I set foot out of the front door. I end up with lank, barely waved hair that looks the wrong side of undone and closer to style-less.

I don’t know if it’s the time of year (parties and people to meet up with looming), the fact that I haven’t had my hair cut since August (erm, yes, that would be a little over due then) or just a bit of boredom, but I thought I would do a hair round up of shorter styles to cure my attack of indecision. Do I leave it longer to allow for styling with the curls I can’t seem to achieve or go for a cut that will suit me and be easier to look good on a daily basis?

It’s got to be something that is actually achievable day to day. This Katie Holmes bob (above) has plagued my magazine-picture-bearing existence every time I go to the hairdressers. I love it but it won’t work because it’s actually a longer cut pinned up at the back apparently and completely unrealistic. What I need is a cute choppy bob that looks great with minimal effort; Because who am I kidding here, I have a life and rarely waste time on a mammoth styling effort, (hats off to you if you have the patience readers!) and I can occasionally jazz up my ‘do for a night out with a couple of flicky curls or waves. It’s a no brainer really.

And my new hair icon for the future? Not much of a revelation, but perhaps a little overlooked recently, Dannii Minogue. That ever changing X-Factor bob reminded me why it’s cool to have short hair, and how much you can actually do with it.

So, tomorrow, I’m off to the hairdressers, hopeful as ever, with this article as a reference tool and fingers crossed, I’ll emerge a new woman (at least I haven’t lost hope!) 😉

Have you got any recommendations for great styling products – something to put on after blow drying and curl with, that holds but doesn’t leave your hair sticky or crunchy?

Or are you also contemplating getting realistic with your hair and making a change?I’d love to hear your hair dilemmas…


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