Capturing the bump…

I never planned to do a ‘bump shoot’, thinking I would have lots of selfie style bump shots to suffice and Pete would have taken plenty too. Whilst the former is true, the latter hasn’t been – we have been far to busy in the house to be anywhere worthy of dressing up and taking photos of late. Maybe it’s also the looming end to my pregnancy that has made me cherish it more, I will certainly miss this bump and shifting baby inside, but I hope the reality in my arms will be infinitely better. 🙂

I had planned to have a newborn shoot, when baby is fresh and still scrunched up and small, to capture that newborn bubble the three of us will hopefully be in (read: chaotic, sleep derived blur,) and so at the last minute last week I decided to ask our good friends Laura and Peter Lawson to do a bump shoot too. They made us feel so at ease in front of the camera and I knew they would ‘get’ how blessed out together we both are just now, as they had their little boy Albert only 7 months ago.

I’m so glad we did it now and Pete loves the results too. This was too special a time in our lives not to make some memories to treasure and now I just have to pick some for the wall!

Have a great weekend readers, see you next week!


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9 thoughts on “Capturing the bump…

  1. I’m not a broody, baby person BUT they are beautiful and actually gave me goosebumps!!. Wonderful photo’s for you both to treasure.
    Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy Rebecca, I’m predicting a beautiful baby boy x

  2. Rebecca, those photos are gorgeous, and you will cherish them forever. Lucky you to have photographer friends. Am now wishing we did, so we could have done this too – both bump and newborn shoot…never quite got around to it. Suddenly it’s 9 months later and my little one is looking less and less like a baby and more and more like a little boy. Capture the moments because they go by so quickly!
    Good luck with it all!

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