Bobbi Brown Holiday Gift Collection.

Now I wouldn’t normally venture to mention (shhhhh, whisper it,) Christmas, until Halloween and Bonfire night were well out of the way, however I swear I have a good reason today. Really I do. It’s a great reason in fact.

Every single year I buy somebody I know something from the Bobbi Brown holiday gift collection and I have to mention it now before it all disappears, because it always sells out, waaaaaaay before Christmas.

Without fail there are the most gorgeous glittering compacts – my favourites are always the metallic eye colours (which you weren’t previously able to buy apart from as part of these limited edition sets) and this year is no exception.

And here are my favourite finds from this year’s offerings…

The Black Ruby Sparkle Eye palette – this one is my must-have for £32, it’s perfect for my eye colour and the sparkle shadow glimmers like no other.

The Smokey Eye collection is a little pricey at £52, but includes a mini gel liner and mascara along with the five shades ranging from pearl through greys and silvers to graphite black.

The Warm Party Eye Palette – £39 for a golden eye!

And finally, the almost-too-pretty-to-use Pastel Sugar Sparkle Eye Quartz at £30.

If you want them, get there quick ladies before they’re gone.


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7 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Holiday Gift Collection.

  1. oooo, I NEED the Black Ruby palette in my make up bag! My best mate used towork for Estee lauder and got everything 75% off, including all the christmas gift sets which meant a) amazing pressies for me each year and b) easy crimble shopping!

    She very selfishly decided to further her career and travel options by leaving to do other things. I was devastated. 🙁

  2. I do love Bobbi Brown products but I have to admit – I find it really hard to part with the cash for the eye shadows! I agree it’s a lovely present to give / receive but I just couldn’t buy it for myself! There are so many other brilliant eye shadow products available that cost half the price!

    On saying that…I can’t help myself but stop at the Bobbi Brown counter every-time I walk past it! It’s the packaging that gets me I think!


  3. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! REBECCA!!!!!! I can’t believe it!! I saw the email for this blog in my inbox, glanced at it briefly and thought ‘I’ll get to that another time’. Had NO IDEA it was YOUR new venture or I’d have been all over it like a rash!! You are going to the top of my bookmarks, I’m so glad you are blogging again, I’ve missed my fix of your wonderful writing.

    Erm, yes. Now I’ve finished being a crazy stalker… Those compacts are truly beautiful. And now I’m off to catch up on everything I’ve missed on your blog over the past month due to stupidity…

    I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE BACK!!!!!! xoxo

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