Blogging Laid Bare #3: Blog Design

Those of you who are regulars here will already know that I have tooted a certain trumpet before, that of the lovely Michelle over at Pocketful of Dreams. I have long admired Michelle’s style and skills when it comes to creativity design and business professionalism. She is hands down one of the most talented people I came across when I was a part of the wedding industry. However, the qualities I admire even more than those I have already mentioned are what has lead me to collaborate with her today. For me, aside from the day to day priority of bringing twice daily quality content to my readers, blogging is about learning new skills in design, the technicalities behind blogging and the business side of it. Building relationships, networking, supporting other bloggers and collaborating should be a big part of it, but whilst others pay lip service to the idea, there is a fair bit of competition behind-the-blogging-scenes (not all of it healthy,) and Michelle is one of the few people to fully embrace the idea of working together, honestly and openly.

Image courtesy of Pocketful of Dreams, from ‘Blogging Laid Bare: New Blogging tips series in conjunction with Florence Finds

Helping other bloggers with things I struggled with is something I wanted to do for while before starting the Blogging Laid Bare Series and during one of many discussions with Michelle it became apparent that she felt the same. It was obvious that this was something we could do together. So today, Michelle is continuing the series with a post about blog design, something I love and feel quite passionately about, so I was delighted to contribute and see that she has referenced a couple of the Florence Finds design elements as examples too.

If you want to catch up on the series, I’ve already covered:

…and you can read Michelles introduction to the series here.

Image courtesy of Pocketful of Dreams, (using illustrations by Antoinette Fleur, a young French fashion illustrator.)

In the mean time, head on over to Pocketful of Dreams and catch the latest installment:


Look out for more in the series!


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One thought on “Blogging Laid Bare #3: Blog Design

  1. **blushing** thank you for those rather kind words Rebecca. It’s true to say blogging is somewhat of a passion for both of us, so it’s a really exciting opportunity to share some of what we’ve learnt so far and to meet other bloggers who share our passion.

    There’s been so many lovely emails and comments already from fledgling bloggers who have been inspired by this series, this warms my heart more than I can say.

    For me growth is all about learning, collaborating, supporting each other and sharing skills. Its great to meet people like you who share this ethos.

    Michelle Xx

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