Big Summer List

I intended to write this post last week and schedule it for the summer solstice and official first day of summer. Unfortunately, then and as I write it feels like we have entered a time machine back into the everlasting spring we had a few weeks ago and summer once again seems far away. I have it on good authority however that the weather is about to improve and with that in mind I’m starting my quarterly tradition of planning the season ahead. It’s tempting at this point to listen to naysayers proclaiming that the days are getting shorter already, but in actual fact we have 3 (hopefully) glorious months ahead so lets make some plans!

  1. Watching my best friend get married and helping her put the final touches to her wedding
  2. (Hopefully) pulling off an amazing hen do for the afore-mentioned Bride
  3. Finishing our spare bedroom for my sister to move into in 1 months time.
  4. Cooking more salads and eating more fresh fruit.
  5. Taking long walks through Chorlton water park and the Mersey Valley discovering hidden paths, fields and glades.

  6. Enjoying our festoon lights in the garden as the nights draw in (one advantage to the nights getting shorter!)
  7. Officially starting my new job next month
  8. Planning a picnic and lazing in the grass somewhere watching the sky – because I haven’t been on one for years.
  9. Continuing to enjoy the David Austin roses in our garden.
  10. Experimenting with summer cocktails – watch this space!
  11. Planning a camping trip, even if only for a night to totally unplug and relax.

Now it’s your turn, share you summer plans and dreams readers…



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11 thoughts on “Big Summer List

  1. I have a small summer list (have already been to a picnic in shorts even though it was overcast this year, ate lunch in the gorgeous grounds of this building I work in, attended two weddings and no longer have a garden so there is not much to do) and it is this.

    Go to Skye.
    Have good weather in Skye (hopefully).
    Run by the beach.
    Climb the rocks in Staffen Bay.
    Fall asleep to the sound of the sea.

    Anything else (and there are more weddings and other things too) is a bonus.

  2. Well I’ve managed to cross a few items of my summer list so far too.
    I’ve already been to a wedding and a birthday picnic and had our first bbq so for the rest of the summer I’m hoping to:
    Hire a pedalo at the beach
    See an outdoor concert at Nice Chateau
    Have a water fight at the local park in the fountains with my godson
    Clean up our balcony and get a table & 2 chairs so we can eat outside
    Eat lot and lots of watermelon 🙂

  3. Alfresco dining is possibly my favourite thing about warmer weather. I definitely plan on doing more of that.

    My to do list includes taking a yoga class, finish decorating the front room and trying out some new recipes.

    But my main plan for the summer is just to finish my dissertation, and make more plans for an autumn of freedom!

  4. I’ve been looking forward to this post as I enjoyed thinking about my spring list so much (by the way, I achieved all of mine!).

    So, this summer:
    – celebrate my husband finishing his PhD
    – take the baby to the beach for the first time
    – eat as many of the strawberries from our garden as possible and make jam with the rest
    – Re-decorate the kitchen very cheaply
    – have a large pimms with friends outside.

  5. This is such a big summer – lots of exciting things happening in my neck of the woods!

    The first wedding of the summer is on Saturday, and then mine is 5 weeks afterwards so need to get the final bits & bobs organised (& paid for!).
    I want to have my PhD thesis finished for the end of September, so I can re-start my job hunt for moving up to Aberdeen where my other half is moving this weekend. I also need to decide on what name I want to graduate under…
    I’d like to get the project I’m working on in my “it’s-not-very-exciting-but-will-do-while-I-write-up” job to a good stage before I leave, as everyone has been so lovely the past 3 months & I don’t want to leave anyone in the lurch.

    In terms of actual fun things, I want me and the Mr to get a trip away booked since we’re not going on Honeymoon due to his new job – I vote Barcelona!
    Exploring Aberdeen at the weekends when I finally move up.
    I’ve also promised to try a new recipe out from the cookery books I got at Christmas (but haven’t opened, oops!) every weekend.

  6. Ooh mine!

    Celebrate 1st anniversary somewhere loved – booked!
    Get some deck chairs for outside!
    Re decorate bathroom – starting next week hopefully!
    Finish babies room
    De clutter and clean out the kitchen cupboards – saving this for mat leave
    Finally do our wedding album – again saving this for mat leave
    Have a baby! – Please don’t be early otherwise I won’t get to accomplish the above!!

    Rachie xo

  7. I love these list posts
    Although I need to bring some over as completely failed to get half of what was on my spring list done, so

    Sort out seat in the garden, needs scrubbing, maybe painting? and cushions. Then spend some time sat in it with a good book.

    Sewing experiments – have brought some lovely fabric, now just need to do something with it.

    Go fruit picking and eat the results – I’m thinking pavlova with lovely fresh summer fruits.

    Lots of running (have entered an autumn marathon -yikes!)

    Plan a weekend away somewhere with my husband

  8. Love all of the above comments ladies! I really enjoy taking my son around Bruntwood park in Cheadle, I haven”t been to Chorlton Water Park for years Rebecca, Thanks for reminding me, maybe i should have a little trek there myself!! ;-)))
    And of course its all about a nice evening sitting outside a nice winebar, few nibbles and a good glug of wine!! Alberts in Didsbury is a good place for that ;-)))

    Here”s hoping we get a lovely long summer to enjoy

    And Rebecca……I did have a giggle when i read your post “Cooking salads” That used to be a phrase of mine hehehe

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