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A few months back, before I even started thinking about the spare bedroom makeover, I revamped our bedroom. We re-decorated in there about 3 years ago now and chose some white striped wallpaper, keeping the existing high gloss Ikea wardrobes, Ikea bedsides and our iron Feather & Black bed. I wanted it all very soft a soothing so chose White Company bedding in white with a grey and white silk throw and mink and grey cushions using texture to provide contrast.

Typically, it wasn’t long before I tired of the monotone look and decided to add to the single shot of colour in the lamp shades with some small additions and it’s amazing what a difference they have made.

The inspiration for the change around was the new picture above the bed. I blogged it and bought it not long after – I love how bright and cheerful it is.

I also changed the drawer handles on the bedsides for coral ceramic ones from Anthropologie.

We already had these butterfly pictures up but had different colour combinations (We had had a large white one above the bed too,) as they come in a pack of 6 (see similar here). To pick out the lamp shades we had had two yellowy butterflies there previously, but as the large white one was now gone from above the bed we used the smaller one and a blue one, simply switching them from the hall where the rest are going up our stairs. In fact it worked well as the yellows work beautifully with the yellow Cow Parsley wallpaper we have in the hall.

In fact, since taking these, the bedroom has changed again, as we finally found a chest of drawers to add to our lack of storage in there. I also realised I didn’t take any of the other end of the room so maybe I’ll share another update soon.

Hope you like it readers!


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10 thoughts on “Bedroom updates

  1. I like the white base with colour and love the print over your bed. We have mostly white bedroom furniture so it means we have the chance to switch it up with more inexpensive things like bedding and lightshades. I’m now thinking we could change our lightshades when I feel ready for a change and am considering white bed linen as a good base to add more interest around. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your room’s looking lovely! Gorgeous picture over the bed. We’re planning to have a crack at creating a neutral master bedroom like all those pretty white spaces I keep pinning 🙂 but somehow in real life I’m not sure if I can imagine living in a room without colour – nice for a short break in a boutique hotel somewhere perhaps, but not for always! We’ll have to see…

  3. Looks so calming. Absolutely love the print above the bed. I’m off to investigate…

    How do people always discover these brilliant Etsy finds? I can never face trawling though all the shops. Am I rubbish or are there any top tips for finding lovely things on the site?

    • I see a lot of stuff on Pinterest or other blogs Helen, but to be honest, as I start to develop my own taste I do go looking for specific things. For example if you search under ‘Art’ and then refine it according to the type of art you’re looking for then you get a lot more specific results.

      I put all my favourites here on my Patterns and Prints Pinterest board.

  4. Your bedroom is lovely Rebecca and very similar to mine. I have the same wallpaper (only in a slightly darker shade and on one wall) My bedsheets are white, always! I have like a gazillion pillows and cushions that come halfway down the bed (very much inspired by the White Company) and the same Hemnes bedside tables (mine are slightly different) I am loving your drawer knobs! They make such a difference!


  5. Hello,

    Love the white stripe wallpaper in your bedroom. I have been looking for exactly the same but to no avail. Can you kindly share the name and supplier of that lovely paper?

    Many thanks

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