Bedded Bliss…

We spend a third of our lives in it and as the nights draw in, it becomes ever more inviting – our beds. Is it just me?

Last weekend I spent a lot of time talking to my sister about her potentially looking to buy her first home. Before that however, top of her priority list is to creat the perfect bed. Having just been to The Drawing Room in Wales (where I took Pete for his 30th earlier in the year,) she has come to fully appreciate the merits of a lovely bed, dressed with luxurious linens and layers of throws, topped with a fluffy cosy duvet and finished with mounds of pillows. It’s my idea of heaven and I spent a long time creating a slice of exactly that when we re-decorated our bedroom a couple of years back. It made me think I should do a post on my tips for getting that hotel-luxe vibe in your own bedroom back home, so every evening feels like sleeping on a cloud.

1. Invest in the basics
It might sound obvious but when you spend so much time there, surely the bed itself is worth investing in? We bought ours from Feather and Black, along with the frame and haven’t looked back but of course everyone is different. If you can’t afford a new actual bed, everyone can achieve the effect by splurging on feather duvets and high thread count bedlinens.

2. Don’t just think about sleeping
One of the best things we ever bought for our bed were the square european style pillows. Originally bought to achieve the ‘look’ of a luxurious bed, they have become my most loved item. I get a lie in once a week usually and really make the most of it by staying in bed for hours, browsing the ‘net, reading magazines and chatting with Pete, usually over coffee and breakfast. Although we don’t sleep on the big pillows (we have Tempur pillows) they are amazing for propping yourself up against and big enough to not need constant re-arranging.

3. Choose a restful colour palette.
I used to love the luxury of dark bedlinen but for probably more than 10 years now we’ve had pure white and I find it much more relaxing. Despite the addition of more colour to my bedroom recently, I still stick with the white linen, dove grey and accents of pale golds.

4. Mix textures
This is where you get to go to town and really dress your bed. Layer silk throws with knitted blankets, velvet cushions with linen backs and choose textured linens too. It all adds to the look. As shown in all of the above images, The White Company is the best inspiration for achieving this look.

5. Layer up
For the ultimate in luxury, layer them up. My bed has 4 pillows, 4 cushions, a doubled up throw (it’s reversible so I have it folded and both colours showing to add to the effect,) and then the usual bedding on top and it is so inviting. The throw was expensive but worthwhile as it’s super soft and luxurious in the day time and super warm at night.

I keep coming back to that word luxury, don’t I? I just figure, if for the price of a night or two in a boutique hotel you can get the same effect in your own bedroom and have that feeling every night, why wouldn’t you?

So tell me, have you invested in anything to do with your bed – the bed itself? The bedding? Luxurious linens? Have you got any tips to share?


*All images from The White Company Autumn/Winter 2012 catalogue. There is up to 30% off at The White Company right now and free delivery when you spend £25 or more.

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31 thoughts on “Bedded Bliss…

  1. Good morning all Findettes- I’m off ill today so reading this from the luxury of my bed! I agree with you about the bed linen- I also try to buy the best that I can afford- and find John Lewis, Zara home and American company Crate and Barrel particularly good ( we have it in Dubai). Our palette is whites and greens, which I find calming and cheerful. Our bed is white too and so is the dressing table and bedside table. Apart from the cupboards that’s all we have in there so that its a restful place, luckily the sun shines through most days. Pillows and how you make your bed definitely help make the Rees more hotel like, and squares pillows certainly help as do smaller cushions. I love these images from the White Company. I do miss autumnal/ wintry days lazing in bed!

      • Thanks Rebecca- I got through a cold last weekend and then was hit full force with an upset stomach last night! It’s been stressful few weeks at work but like yourself I’ve holiday to look forward to- trip home and hen weekend in the Cotswolds). X

    • Just a little warning about White Company silk duvets, I recently bought one lightweight duvet and one medium weight silk duvet to use together in winter. However, even on their own each one is very heavy and unwieldy and together they seem to weigh you down completely. They feel like heavy blankets rather than light, soft , luxury duvets. Needless to say, they were not cheap. I am very disappointed and will never buy a silk duvet again– only feathers. So think very carefully if you are considering a silk duvet.

  2. Well I’m not ill, like Andrea, but I HAVE only just managed to peel myself out of bed (why is it always at its zenith of comfort ten minutes before you have to leave it?!).

    I’m another devotee of whites and creams. Our bedlinen is bamboo, which I can highly recommend – it gets softer as your wash it, is hypoallergenic and isn’t produced with tons of chemicals, so it got the thumbs up of this eco-worrier (and no, I haven’t misspelt warrior!). It was more expensive than the linen I’m used to buying, but I don’t think I’d go back.

    I just love those quilts and duvets in your images today, Rebecca and that’s one thing I’ve been thinking about of late: accessorizing with throws, blankets and quilts as the days draw in. Also, my husband could sleep under a sheet at any time of year, whereas I’m erring on the side of bedsocks already! Extra quilts and throws seem like a good idea.

    Oh, and as I final note, I’m just a teensy bit in love with the fireplace in the first picture. It’s on my ‘one day, one day’ list along with an Eames chair…


  3. Lovely post! I recently bought some lovely Egyptian cotton bedding from the white company – its lovely but my god it creases so much!! I have taken to having it washed and ironed at the dry cleaners so i dont have to spend an hour ironing it (Lazy moi?!) Does anyone have any non crease tricks?

    Also i’m on the hunt for a new duvet – does anyone know what i should be looking for? Feather/Synthetic??

    Lovely images – i could just climb into those beds right now!!
    Rachie xo

  4. Loving the 2nd and last picture Rebecca.. Just the kind of look I am working towards achieving in my bedroom. I am so in love with the white and soft grey combination for a really relaxing look.

    We have a Latex mattress which is surprisingly comfortable, not at all like the memory foam one’s which I find very uncomfortable. I totally agree with investing in your bed and linen as we do indeed spend so much of our lives in bed!

    • Snap! Well that’s if we manage to buy the rather fabulous house we are currently trying to buy!! Love this post and am so buying the big square cushions from John Lewis 😀

  5. Love this post, Rebecca!
    We invested in a good bed last year. We don’t even have a wardrobe yet, but getting a decent bed definitely took priority. After 3 years on an IKEA Malm bed, I really wanted to upgrade, so with a little help from my parents, we bought the Valentin bed from It has a gorgeous bedhead with a bright green, linen & cotton Designers Guild fabric. We then headed to the DG store around the corner and found a gorgeous grey and green velvet fabric with which I’m getting large square cushions made. We’ve also invested in a quilted beadspread from John Lewis and a super luxurious mattress.
    We went from 3 year of shallow sleeping to having the best sleep ever. Every time I travel I now can’t wait to go back home and be ‘hugged’ by my mattress. I have quite a few mixed silk and cotton bed sheets that were part of my dowry (yep, italians still do dowries!), but I don’t use them all the time.
    My best advice is: iron your bedsheets! There’s nothing more luxurious than going to bed with freshly ironed sheet! xx

  6. This post may be my actual heaven. Love it. We’ve been talking about upgrading our duvet, pillows etc. for a while and this is definitely motivating me to move it up the priority list.

  7. Mr D sleeps through anything and consequently continuously poo poos my desires for new this that and the other for the bed. Having said that I did, eventually manage to convince him of the need for a new bed a couple of years ago and we got a fantastic one from Warren Evans. Maybe I should just go for it with all the things I want to make my nest perfect and I’m sure he’ll appreciate it in the end!

  8. Elisabetta, your bed sounds divine!

    Rachie – I know exactly what you mean, we have several duvet sets, and the 100% cotton White Company one is a nightmare. I would go for non-iron perhaps, or just the standard JL or M&S sets are very good if you dont go for basics ranges.

    That said, I bought a greys, white and beige’s check in a nesting phase last autumn from M&S (part of their Christmas home range,) and whilst it’s slightly on the thin side and I can see wont last forever, it satisfied my craving, feels very soft and never needs ironing!

    Yanthe and Jessie do it! You wont regret it! And Fee – send in the pictures afterwards!

    I’ll have to share my bedroom next! xo

  9. This post has perfect timing. We are in the process of buying our first home (super exciting) and fingers crossed it all goes smoothly, we can then start decorating our new home. First priorities are the living room and the bedroom. Have pinned a few images from this post as inspiration!

  10. Ooh, great post Rebecca! We decorated our bedroom over the summer (first room we’ve ever painted!) and got a new carpet (old one fell to bits), new furniture, the works – we moved from a 2 bed rented flat to a bigger house so decided to treat ourselves and relegate our old stuff to the spare room.

    We went for a neutral speckled carpet and Farrow & Ball ‘Pointing’ on the walls, which is gorgeous and looks different shades of cream/white in different lights. I had curtains (with blackout linings, most important) made from a bargain piece of yellow and white Cole & Son ‘Cow Parsley’ fabric I found in a discount warehouse, and we got a dark stained Laura Ashley sleigh style bed in the sale. I love the contrast of the dark wood with all the rest of the room white/cream – we already had white gloss Ikea wardrobes. There’s a Victorian cast iron fireplace in the room too with yellow, orange and cream/white tiles – I tried to set off the tiles when choosing colours.

    We also treated ourselves to a vi spring mattress in the summer sales and a John Lewis Hungarian goose down duvet with the remainder of our wedding list vouchers, and White Company bedlinen. I can really recommend the duvet – so light and yet so cosy and warm!

    I agree the bedlinen is a pain to iron, but I absolutely love the look and feel of it on the bed. In fact I just love our new bed full stop and so does my husband – has been a good incentive to get a few early nights!

    This post has made me want to go and have another rummage in White Company now! I think some of their neutral jumpers and tops look good too, although maybe a bit on the pricy side – has anyone here tried their clothes before?

      • Ooh, really? how kind – will see if I can manage to take a couple of half decent piccies then! Am rubbish at fitting rooms into photos… We had the idea of doing before and after pics of all our decorating but so far we only have the before ones!

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  16. Hi!
    I’ve been dying to find the best bedding set up and I love what you have down! I have a bed and all the pillows, what I’m looking for is the right bedding! The right blanket, and throw and pillow cases and decorative pillows. I want a white bedspread. Can you help point me in the right direction?

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