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For quite some time now I have been a devotee of Bobbi Browns Extreme Party mascara but I have been steadily getting more irritated that it really doesn’t last. The tubes always seem to run out (or dry out – I’m not sure which) in less than 6 months, and whilst I know it’s recommended to change your mascara regularly for hygiene reasons, well, I ahem, don’t.

I happened across a free sample of the Diorshow Mascara recently however and have become a convert. Perhaps I should say I resurrected my devotion to it as I’m sure I have in years past used this particular mascara, along with YSL. I am a bit fussy when it comes to mascara. I like a super fat brush and a formula that doesn’t put big blobs of mascara on the lashes, particularly at the corners. Strong fragrances also put me off (take note Lancome,) and I want it all when it comes to effect – lengthening AND volumising, plus a bit of curling please. I don’t want spidery lashes, but super fat lashes that look like they will cause a draft when you bat them. I don’t ask for much clearly but Diorshow has got it covered. If you fancy treating yourself I’d highly recommend it. Available in all good department stores and Boots, it’s about ¬£25.

Happy Friday readers!

Love, Rebecca xo

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6 thoughts on “Beauty Box: Diorshow Mascara

  1. How does it do for flaking? That’s my main criteria for a mascara as I always always end up with it under my eyes by the end of the day. I’m not aware of rubbing my eyes but maybe I do. I quite like Claris mascara and currently on benefit badlash which isn’t bad but I’d love a really immovable mascara!

  2. JoW- you should try a “tubing” mascara like No7 Stay Perfect. The formulas are different to normal mascara and coat your lashes with a kind of polymer. You take it off with a cotton pad soaked in warm water and the plastic kind of melts off in little tubes that look like eyelashes! I bought it by accident last year and everything else I tried (especially Benefit Roller Lash) hasn’t lived up to it. I wear contact lenses and tend to rub my eyes in the day without realising but the tube type mascara doesn’t budge when others leave panda eyes. You can also swim in it without it moving. I’m not on commission, it’s just so good at not budging that I want to share my joy!

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