Barcelona Day 1

I promised after asking for all of your Barcelona tips that I would share what we did on our Babymoon back in March.

We stayed for 4 nights at the RoomMate Emma for about £300 and I would definitely book again. The breakfast was amazing and the staff were lovely too. We were woken up one night by screaming European teens but that can happen anywhere and the reception sorted it straightaway. The room was clean and modern, the only thing lacking was an exterior window. We were offered a very cheap upgrade when we got there which we normally would have taken but figured we wouldn’t be in the room and it wasn’t worth it. In fact I wish we had, as we banked on staying out for evening drinks as we would do normally and felt obliged to because the room was a bit dark, but really given how tiring the sightseeing was, it would have been nice to have some downtime back at the hotel in a slightly nicer room. Don’t get me wrong though, it was still great, cheap or not.

So what did we do?

Our walking tour day 1 – Port Vell, Port Olympica, Barcelonetta, Parc Ciutadella and the beach. Click here to view an interactive version of the map.

Well, the answer is a lot of walking. Normally when we’re on a city break we do everything, but this time we didn’t want to go into museums, enjoying the sunshine instead, so we saw everything from the outside while walking. The first day was predicted to be the best weather, so we got the underground metro to Port Vell and wandered around looking at the boats and enjoying the weather.

We walked though Barceloneta which was cute in parts and quite run down in others so we kept going. It didn’t take us long to get to the beach so and we carried on all the way along until we reached Port Olympic, and then walked on to Parc Ciutadella. The fountains and space there was great. If we hadn’t been going to the beach later I would have parked myself on the grass there to read and enjoy the sun.

By then we were starving and headed onto El Born, where we ate a tapas lunch at one of the places on Placa des les Olles before heading back to the beach where we just lay on the sand for a couple of hours and read. Bliss!

Once we were ready for home, we headed in to the atmospheric gothic quarter and stopped in Placa Reial for a drink. I loved this square – there aren’t that many in Barcelona which are big enough to hold the sun into the evening, particularly in March but this one is so pretty and great for people watching.

I was so exhausted that night after walking so far that we ate at an Italian just down the road from our hotel and collapsed into bed early.

I’ll be back with Days 2 and 3 soon!


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3 thoughts on “Barcelona Day 1

  1. Yay – was hoping this post would be soon as we’re looking at booking Barcelona for late Oct and weren’t sure how many nights/full days would be best. Thinking of booking the Melia Sky (as recommended on here ages ago by Victoria!) – but unsure if it’s a bit far out of the main areas. And if it’ll be a bit chilly in October?! (Stuck with school hols as hubby is a teacher…)

    Anyway, lovely to hear what you got up to, and looking forward to the rest!

    • Hi Sarah!

      I think we had freakishly good weather the first couple of days, for late March anyway, and I know Barcelona can be temperamental, but for a European city, there was a lot less outdoor focus than I expected – ie lots of cosy indoor tapas places etc, so I think you’ll be fine. We did three days and it was enough for me, but we didn’t actually ‘do’ a lot of the sights so you wouldn’t squeeze anywhere near as much in if for example you went inside all the things we walked past – but that’s just about priorities.
      Re: Accommodation, we really wanted to stick to a budget for this trip but the Melia Sky looks lovely and is well priced if you book further in advance than we did (1-2w!)

      • I went in late October a couple of years ago and we had some good weather – warm enough to sit outside early evening in a light jumper. In Barcelona I’ve stayed at the Grand Hotel Central which I loved – great views from the (very cold) roof top pool. That stay was a while back though. I’ve also stayed at the Pullman Barcelona Skipper which was lovely, but a bit away from the main attractions, and the NH Podium which is cheaper, and in my opinion really accessible but in a nice quiet location. I’d request a room with big french doors at the last one.

        I don’t think the dates will fit with October half term, but we were there (quite by accident) when the Mercat de Mercats food festival was on, and I would highly recommend it for anyone who loves Spanish food and wine. Website in Spanish here: or English summary of the 2013 event here:

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